Corey Graves Addresses Matt Hardy’s WWE Status

During his recent podcast, Corey Graves talked about Matt Hardy’s status with WWE:

“Matt is a master of being creative and creating doubt and raising questions amongst the Internet wrestling community. Let’s be honest, Matt can play us all like a fiddles when it comes to his videos, and look, it’s no secret, Matt has sort of been hinting at the fact that maybe his days in WWE are numbered. I certainly hope that’s not the case on a personal level because I consider him a friend and a really great guy.

I also want to know why someone as creatively gifted as Matt Hardy isn’t asked or invited to contribute in a creative role. I don’t know that he’s been vocal about that anywhere but in the television locker room where we sit and complain about life, but I think Matt Hardy would be a great addition to the creative end of things here in WWE. We’ve seen what he is capable of on his own outside of WWE and within and I mean, the guy’s resume speaks for itself. It’s not like you’re hiring some guy off the street who went to theater school, this is Matt freakin’ Hardy – one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. The guy is awesome. He is of great value and importance in my opinion.

Let’s do right by Matt. And again, I haven’t talked to him recently, I don’t even know if that what he wants, but I’m going out in public and saying, ‘Matt Hardy, find your role in WWE and embrace it and WWE, find a better role for Matt Hardy because we want him.’”