Current Plans For AEW’s Women’s Division Following The Arrival Of Mercedes Mone

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Mercedes Mone debuted for AEW on Wednesday’s Dynamite: Big Business episode in Boston, becoming Tony Khan’s latest big talent signing.

The former WWE star began the show with a promo, mentioning she had unfinished business with Willow Nightingale. She later saved Nightingale in the main event.

Her segment drew one million viewers on TBS. The show also sold 9,000 tickets, making it a big success for Mone. Moving forward, AEW hopes to capitalize on Mone’s name and star power.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select stated that he heard a month ago that the internal belief is that there will be a Mone segment followed by a segment featuring other female wrestlers on television. Remember that plans can always change.

According to Sapp, “Jack says CEO branding for Mercedes seems like a level-up way of calling her the boss, but does Mercedes’ arrival in AEW lead to any increased prominence booking or more matches for women? Yes, I would say that it does. The last that I had heard was that basically, the way that I was told about a month ago, there would basically be the Mercedes segment as well as a woman segment now. That remains to be seen if it’s actually going to take place if it’s actually going to happen like that. But that’s what I was led to believe.”