Don Callis Intends To Expand His Wrestling Family, Adding New Members

Photo Credit: AEW

Don Callis appeared on the June 21st edition of Talk is Jericho. The Winnipeg native explained his controversial behavior as of late, including turning on long-time associate Kenny Omega.

However, Callis laid out what seems to be a plan to add new members to his “family” in addition to the recently turned Konosuke Takeshita.

“They say you can’t choose your family Chris; I’m fixing to choose mine. I’ve already started. The Don Callis family starts with this guy; Takeshita, because he is a stud athlete. He passes the eye test. 6’3, 240 — he was a competitive decathlete. That means ten events for your listeners. He didn’t have to be good at one thing like Kenny was at hockey, he had to be good at ten things.”

“…Kenny destroyed my family, I’ll build a new family. A bigger and better family that won’t screw me and stab me in the back like Kenny and the Bucks did.”

Callis later added more details on his potential new stable:

“I’m going to have a big family. I’m going to have multiple family members and they’re not just going to be anybody. They’re going to be the types of athletes like him (referring to Takeshita) that are on the same level or higher than Kenny Omega; and we’re going to take care of business, and that’s how this is gonna go because again, this is not the friend business. This is the wrestling business.”

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