Eric Bischoff Responds To The Elite’s Attack On Tony Khan Being Compared To The NWO

As seen in the final segment of AEW Dynamite on April 24th, 2024, The Elite and Jack Perry attacked AEW President Tony Khan.

In the Jacksonville Jaguars’ “war room” Khan was spotted wearing a neck brace to sell the attack during Thursday’s NFL Draft.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed the comparison between the AEW angle and the New World Order in WCW on his 83 Weeks podcast.

“They say [imitation is a form of flattery], not so much in this case. If they would have made it a parody of how the NWO started and my scene in Baltimore where I got jackknife powerbombed off the stage and all that, if they would have set this whole scene up as a parody last night I probably would have been all about it. I would have enjoyed it. At least it would have been entertaining.”

“If Lorne Michaels and the team at Saturday Night Live was going to produce a wrestling skit on the beginning of the NWO, this would have been what they produced. It was so f***** bad, it was parody, it was comedy, and the really sad part is they’re taking this s seriously. They meant that to be a serious angle. It was so f***ing horrible from the beginning… This was without a doubt the worst, most horribly produced professional wrestling show for prime time on a major cable outlet in the last, maybe forever years.”

You can check out the complete podcast below: