GoFundMe Launched For Lucha Libre Legend Psicosis To Help With Medical Costs

Lucha libre legend Psicosis, who has competed for promotions such as WWE, WCW and ECW recently suffered a broken hip and is in need of an emergency surgery. Ruben Zamora, a good friend of the pro wrestling legend, has launched a GoFundMe to help Psicosis with his medical costs.

You can check out the full statement below:

Hello. I’m Ruben Zamora from Masked Republic and I’m fundraising for my friend the original Pyschosis, also known as Nicho.

On Thursday, February 15th, 2024 Nicho suffered a fall while working. At the moment, nobody knew how bad the injury was. After a few days, fellow luchador Damian convinced him to go to the hospital. Nicho took the advice, which he would later learn might have saved his life. At the moment, nobody knew how bad the injury was.

Upon arriving at the hospital, x-rays and an MRI were taken and showed that his right hip was broken. Not bruised, not fractured, but broken. Medical doctors advised Nicho that he would not be able to go home and instead must stay for observation and an eventual emergency surgery.

A few days later the surgery was performed successfully. Several days later, Nicho was allowed to go home. I have been in contact with Nicho and he tells me that he is not able to sit up, move, much less walk. He is to stay in bed for several weeks before he can attempt to sit up. Nicho tells me that the pain is severe, keeping him from sleeping at night.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? Nicho has been not only a very good friend to me, but he has been a loyal supporter in what we do at Masked Republic since day 1. When ever I called for a booking date, he always said yes, asked when and where, and say he’d be there. (Note, he never started the conversation asking about pay.) When I needed a radio interview, or a tv appearance, Nicho was always the first to step up and help out… never asking about pay. When I would go out at midnight to plaster my event posters around San Diego, Nicho would cross the border and come along to help put up posters. He never asked for anything in return. When the attendance was bad and I was short on cash, Nicho would tell me, “pay everyone else first. Take care of all the kids (luchadors from the undercard) and your expenses first and whenever you have money, don’t forget about me”.

For those reasons, and many more, I want to help my friend Nicho, the real and true original Psychosis.
His generosity and support has allowed me and Masked Republic to thrive in the lucha libre space, and thus allowing us to help others and provide them with an opportunity to pursue their dreams as well.

All donations will go directly to Nicho in order for him to pay his medical bills, pay for his upcoming physical therapy, and help pay for any future medical expenses as he will not be able to work for the foreseeable future.

I ask that you please help if you can. Every donation will help. Please tell a friend.

Thank You!