Jinder Mahal Looks Back On His 2014 WWE Release, Discusses Drew McIntyre’s Success

Former WWE star Jinder Mahal recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on an episode of INSIGHT on a number of topics including his original release from the company in 2014.

Mahal said, “Looking back, being released was probably the best thing that happened to me. In all fairness, I wouldn’t have got as motivated or changed my mindset as much, ’cause getting released, like, you reflect, getting that second opportunity, having that appreciation for that second run … I had become complacent when I was in 3MB, just phoning it in. Not putting in the best effort which is absolutely wrong, especially in WWE because you can’t take this career or time in WWE for granted.”

On the success of Drew McIntyre:

“I would say Drew is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world, bar none. He can do everything, so athletic, his promos, especially now, the Drew that we’re seeing now, incredible … When I was in FCW and Drew was on Smackdown as ‘The Chosen One’ like I would look at Drew and be like ‘man if only I could get to Drew’s level.’ Drew’s always been the man. Even in 3MB, like sometimes he would have the odd singles match and just tear the place down, like he was just frustrated and he would just put in a crazy performance.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.