Josh Alexander Looks Ahead To Bully Ray Match, Addresses Issues Controlling His Anger

Josh Alexander recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the IMPACT Wrestling Champion spoke about his match with Bully Ray, controlling his anger issues and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his match with Bully Ray and looking forward to kicking Ray out of IMPACT: “Anybody that’s that’s followed my career, especially in IMPACT through this world title run, knows that I’m no stranger to getting beat up. I leave the ring bleeding more times then I leave the ring okay [laughs]. Going into this match at Hard To Kill with Bully, the one thing I can say is, you can hurt me all you want. I busted my nose at Bound For Glory, and through everything I [went] through with with Eddie Edwards, at the end of that match, bell to bell, I would have shaken the man’s hand because that’s the stuff that makes me grow. The iron sharpens iron thing is very true. The one difference with Bully is there’s gonna be no handshake at the end of this thing. The one slight you can have against me, the one thing that’s really gonna piss me off is when you hurt the people I love. He went after Jade, he’s gone after Tommy, he’s gone after all these people that have had a significant part of my life and my career so far. When you hurt people I love, then I got no love for you, I got no respect for you. That’s where the stakes change, and I’m just happy that at Hard To Kill I’m gonna get to do it with all sorts of madness involved. I truly do want to hurt Bully Ray and I want to kick him out of this company for good.”

On how he needs to keep his anger in check during the match: “It absolutely could get the best of me. I’m definitely pissed off, I’m definitely in a different state of mind than I’ve ever been in before, even with the stuff that’s comparable with Moose, I think this has gone a step further. I also that Bully sees that the only advantage he might have is to do this stuff. The man craves power, he wants to be IMPACT World Champion so bad because that is the biggest chip of power we have in our business right now. If he wants the advantage, he’s got to do everything he can, and I’m sorry that it’s ended up this way. But he’s gonna have to do more than he’s ever done before to take this championship away from me and be able to take all the power in IMPACT Wrestling.”

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