Josh Barnett Shares His Thoughts On Johnny TV’s Bloodsport Appearances

MMA legend Josh Barnett recently appeared on an episode of the Under the Ring podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including Johnny TV’s appearances on past Bloodsport shows.

Barnett said, “You see him announced for the first time for Bloodsport, and [the fans] are like, ‘What? ‘ And when he gets in the ring, it’s like, ‘This is something I’ve never seen out of him. I had no idea he was capable of doing this.’ That aspect is something that I really look forward to.”

On Johnny TV’s credentials:

“He’s got a collegiate wrestling background; he’s an insanely incredible athlete; he’s 1-0 in boxing, and he’s proven himself in Bloodsport in his previous matches. He’s got what it takes.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.