Kenny Omega Speaks Out About Dave Meltzer’s “Star Ratings,” Meltzer Reacts

AEW wrestler Kenny Omega made a comment regarding longtime wrestling analyst Dave Meltzer’s “star ratings” system on his Twitch stream.

Omega stated the following regarding “breaking” Meltzer’s scale by having matches rated higher than five stars:

“He’s jumped the f*cking shark so it doesn’t count for much anymore. He has jumped the motherf*cking shark, and guess who is to blame for that? Me. I’m the guy. I broke the scale, it f*cked up something in his brain where he doesn’t even know what good match is anymore… I think he just doesn’t understand it anymore, he cant comprehend what’s going on.”

Meltzer issued a response via Twitter/X by noting that Omega’s comments were meant to help build up a match against Will Ospreay. Meltzer wrote the following:

“Omega and Ospreay are building a feud. It’s part of the angle.”