Kurt Angle On Christopher Daniels: “He Was The Best-Kept Secret In TNA”

Your Olympic hero thinks highly of “The Fallen Angel.”

Kurt Angle recently spoke on his official podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, about how Christopher Daniels has been an underappreciated performer throughout his pro wrestling career.

“Oh yeah. He was the best-kept secret in the company that that kid could do anything,” Angle said of Daniels in IMPACT Wrestling. “I’m not gonna lie to you about this. He was just about every bit as good as AJ once, uh, he really did.”

Angle continued, “He was a heavyweight wrestler. He was an X-Division wrestler. He could talk on the microphone just as well as anybody else. He had all the skills to be a main event wrestler for the WWE. He really did. And I’m not sure why it never occurred for him. Chris was always underutilized no matter where he went.”

Check out the complete episode of the show via the YouTube player embedded below.