Kurt Angle Shares Advice To Newcomers In The Pro Wrestling Business

Kurt Angle talked about a wide range of topics during his latest podcast at AdFreeShows.com.

During it, he answered a fan’s request for advice on how to get noticed as a wrestler. Here is what the WWE Hall Of Famer had to say:

“Make sure that you got your psychology, how to put together a match, how to structure it. Make sure your bumping is sharp and your selling is phenomenal. What you need to do is when you have shows you need to record these matches and you can watch them over and over again and make yourself improve.

Improve every week and get better and when you think you’re good enough, record these matches and send them to the WWE talent relations department. That’s how you get noticed. That’s where they have the tryouts for NXT. That’s where they pick the people that come down to try out for the company.”