Latest News Regarding Sami Zayn Mentioning AEW On WWE RAW has confirmed a previous report that Sami Zayn’s reference to AEW on RAW was scripted ahead of time. In addition to that, the fans that asked questions were said to be legitimate and not plants.

Meanwhile, Bryan Alvarez of commented on an alternate story that has been going around:

“This is from talking to multiple people and if you heard the Dave [Meltzer] show last night you know that there is a lot of confusion. We’re twelve hours past that and it’s still confusion, but I’m going to tell you everything that I know about the story… you ready?”

“So these are two facts about the situation, right? There are absolutely people who insist that Sami was given the okay to mention AEW, alright? I even heard from one person who said in the script that went around in the morning it was in the script he was gonna mention AEW. One person said that.”

“I had another person say and Dave had people tell him that it was a scripted line, alright? Now, with that said I heard from multiple people. Far more people in fact and people who had heard from other people who all said the line was not scripted. The line was not supposed to be said. I was also told from multiple people that when it happened Vince flipped his lid. He was furious that this happened.”

(h/t Ringside News)