Mark Briscoe On His ROH World Title Win, Pays Tribute To Jay Briscoe And Shares Emotional Message

Following the ROH Supercard of Honor 2024, Mark Briscoe participated in the post-show media scrum press conference.

You can watch his appearance below:

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During the ROH Supercard of Honor press conference, Mark was asked what he would say to his brother.

“I love you, dawg. I love you, dawg,” said an emotional Mark. “There are no words, man. It’s just too many coincidences for it to be a coincidence. I wear my faith on my sleeve. God is good. Stuff like this, where the tragedy that happened, you don’t want to go on or get out of bed. Then nights like tonight, this what gives me comfort. It’s what helps me move on. It’s not easy. Nights like tonight make it a whole hell of a lot easier. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but there are no words. I love you, dawg. Help me out, be with me. Before he moved on and moved up, when we went out for a match, sometimes there are those nerves and jitters. He’d say, ‘Shit, dawg, all we got to do is go out there, walk out there, and let them balls swing.’ Until we meet again. Just trying to do him proud.”