Matt Riddle Speaks Out About Having Heat With Some Wrestlers

Former WWE star Matt Riddle recently appeared as a guest on the Kurt Angle Show for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Riddle commented on why he feels he gets heat with some wrestlers:

“I think it’s because I came from the world of Mixed Martial Arts,” Riddle said. “Even if you hear what fighters say to each other to get ticket sales, it’s ruthless. Even if you heard like, you know, Dillon Danis is talking to Logan Paul for their boxing match, he’s bringing a girl, this, that and the other thing. The fight game is ruthless, and honestly, I feel like I’m not that ruthless. I’ll talk some trash here and there. I did, and in professional wrestling, unfortunately, you know, it’s confusing to me because I would think we do what we do, it’s kind of a work, that people would be more flexible with it, but instead, they take stuff way more personal, and every time I open my mouth, somebody takes something personal.”

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