Mercedes Mone Teases A “Certain Girl” On The Free Agent List Coming To AEW

Mercedes Mone transitioned from WWE to AEW and has found great success as the war between the two companies continues, which benefits talent by giving them more options and potentially more money if there is a bidding war.

Mone has been doing the media rounds to promote Forbidden Door. While speaking with Maggie and Perloff, she was asked about Becky Lynch potentially joining AEW now that she is no longer with WWE and what she would like to tell her about it. Mone expressed a desire to see Natalya, whose WWE contract is set to expire soon, and her husband, TJ Wilson, join the promotion.

The couple, Natalya and TJ Wilson, are held in high regard in the wrestling industry for their significant contributions. Their potential move from WWE to AEW, if Natalya’s contract expires, is expected to be a game-changer for any company fortunate enough to hire them.

“I would choose other rumored girls that I’ve heard that might be on the free agent list. So I think there’s a lot, by the way, out there. So I would say the more, the merrier, as long as you’re good. As long as you’re one of the best wrestlers in the world. Come over here because this is where the best wrestle. I have heard little rumors of a certain girl that I really, really love. I don’t want to name names because if I say their name, then you know the other competition might just want to get them that much quicker. So, if we have a chance to get her, I would absolutely love her and her husband to be here. But that’s just that… Just go on X, Twitter, or Instagram. I’m sure the fans will figure it out.”

The TBS Champion will face NJPW Strong Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer in a title-match at Forbidden Door on Sunday.