MJF Opens Up About The Biggest Issue In Wrestling

(Photo Credit: @JJWilliamsWON)

AEW world champion MJF discussed being a student of the game in a video posted to Dr. Beau Hightower’s YouTube channel. He stated the following:

“I think the biggest issue with professional wrestling now and I’ve stated it multiple times is people are so overly consumed with what’s going on bell to bell, at least the hardcore audiences. But the fact of the matter is….Twitter for example, makes up such a small percentage of the audience. So for example, the Acclaimed is one of the biggest hottest acts that we have. They drop huge merch 24/7 all the time. If you go on Twitter, a couple months ago, [They’re like] ‘The Acclaimed is the best tag team in the world. The Acclaimed this, The Acclaimed that.’ If you go on Twitter now let’s say for a hypothetical, [It’s like] ‘Man, I don’t get acclaimed I wish they’d have more bangers.’

People that are watching at home, don’t give a fuck. Normal human beings don’t give a fuck. They’re invested in the human beings that are in the ring. They’re not necessarily invested in the moves that are happening inside of the square circle.”

You can check out the complete video below:

(quote courtesy of SEScoops.com)