Nia Jax Didn’t Know She Was Going To Headline WWE Elimination Chamber Until The Night Before

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Nia Jax discussed her 2024 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE match with Rhea Ripley during an appearance on Booker T’s podcast.

“So like a lot, not a lot of people know I was born out there. I was born in Sydney. I was like, I’m a hometown girl. So it’s funny because I used to go out there a lot because my Oma, my mom’s mom and my, my mom’s sister, my auntie live out in Sydney. So I love Australia. It’s beautiful. The people are beautiful. The atmosphere is gorgeous. The weather is beautiful. So being in Perth was actually my first time. I, funnily enough, I have so many cousins on my Samoan side and one of my cousins was out there. He took me around Perth and let me see all the beautiful sights. Being out there was just, it felt like home. I wish we would have stayed longer. But being in that Optus Stadium was incredible. I mean, you know how WWE does it. Set it up like, I felt like it was a WrestleMania. It was incredible. Huge. The crowd was electric. So, I mean, standing in that ring and everybody chanting for Rhea, which was amazing, but I wish it could have lasted longer. I hope we go back again because I feel like they just got a little taste and I think we can put an even bigger show on.”

Nia also said the following about headlining the show:

“I didn’t know until I think the night before. I think somebody had like sent a card to me and I’m like, ‘wait a minute. Does this mean that we’re on in the main event?’ I’m not gonna lie. I felt like a lot of pressure because you had some pretty stacked Elimination Chambers and a great tag on the card. Then you had like the Grayson Waller Effect being main event of that show. It was a pretty big deal for me. And yeah, I just wanted to put on the best match I possibly could and it was a great story, you know, easy with Rhea Ripley, but wanted to be able to tell a really good story to the fans and hope that it resonated to them. It was an honor to be a main event in front of all those people.”

(quotes courtesy of Corey Brennan)