Nic Nemeth On It Being Intimidating To Walk Into New Locker Rooms

(Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling)

Former WWE star and current TNA star Nic Nemeth recently spoke with Going Postl on a number of topics including figuring out who to talk to backstage in a new locker room.

Nemeth said, “I’m just looking around I go ‘Alright, I know this one guy — ah, he’s busy. I know Dana Brooke — ah, she’s busy.’”

On how it’s intimidating to walk into new locker rooms:

“If I have a bad one tomorrow, that’s one bad one in three tries, like ‘Oh my God, I’ve lost it! I’m not the guy I said I was.’ And just walking into those locker rooms, it’s a little intimidating.”

On how he has come to realize he can hang in new locker rooms:

“Maybe that makes me want to pull out a better match. I don’t want it to be ‘Oh, in that bubble he was good, but now with everybody else, he can’t hang.’ And I’ve come to realize I absolutely can and I’ll be fine.”

You can check out Nemeth’s comments in the video below.