NJPW New Japan Cup Night 9 Results – March 17, 2024

NJPW New Japan Cup Night 9 Results – March 17, 2024

Location: Shizuoka Japan
Venue: Twin Messe Shizuoka South Hall

Tag Team Match
Ryusuke Taguchi & Shoma Kato vs. Katsuya Murashima & Boltin Oleg

Shoma Kao & Katsuya Murashima starts this match with basic mat holds.

Ryusuke Taguchi enter as Boltin Oleg enters and flips Taguchi around in his arms before hitting a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.

Taguchi hits a butt bump and he tags Kato back in before Oleg locks in a Boston Crab and sat down but Taguchi made the save. Oleg hits Kato with Kamikaze for the win.

Winners: Katsuya Murashima & Boltin Oleg (8:18)
Rate: 6

6 Man Tag Team Match
Guerrillas Of Density (Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions El Phantasmo & Hikuleo) vs. United Empire (KOPW 2024 Champion Great O Khan, Francesco Akira & TJP)

El Phantasmo & TJP starts this match with standing switches then some mat reversals and a standoff. Francesco Akira enters & he calls for Hikuleo to be tagged in.

Akira & Hikuleo tied up but Francesco couldn’t budge him so he hit some dropkicks.

Hikuleo hits a side slam on TJP and Guerillas Of Density works TJP over in their corner.

Tanga Loa hits a delayed vertical suplex before Great O Khan tags in and he traded shoulder tackles with Loa. O Khan hits Mongolian Chops on Hikuleo as he fell to the floor.

O Khan began working over Loa as Akira hits a top rope crossbody on Loa.

TJP hits a tornado DDT on Phantasmo as Loa hits Apeshit on Akira for the win.

Winners: Guerrillas Of Density (10:44)
Rate: 6

Tag Team Match
United Empire (Callum Newman & Jeff Cobb) vs. TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr & Mikey Nicholls)

Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls starts this match and they traded forearm strikes before Callum Newman & Zack Sabre Jr enters and traded crossarm breaker attempts.

ZSJ stomped on the left elbow before Nicholls re enters and twisted the damaged arm in the ropes.

Newman hits a slingshot double stomp on Nicholls’ back and he made the hot tag to Cobb.

Cobb hits a dropkick on Nicholls and a crossbody into the corner then a running vertical suplex for a near fall then a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Nicholls hits a DDT and they were both down.

ZSJ enters and hits some European uppercuts on Cobb then he jumped on Cobb’s back and applied a sleeper.

Cobb hits a Spin Cycle then Newman tags back in but was still favoring his left elbow.

He hits a running Penalty Kick to ZSJ’s chest before ZSJ hits a Pele Kick to the damaged arm then ZSJ snaps Newman’s neck between his ankles.

ZSJ locks in a Dragon Sleeper but Newman powers out and hits a suplex.

Newman went for a spin kick but ZSJ caught the leg and applied an anklelock.

ZSJ applied a cross armbreaker and also hooks 1 of Newman’s legs and Newman taps out.

Winners By Submission: TMDK (11:10)
Rate: 6

6 Man Tag Team Match
House Of Torture (Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Yujiro Takahashi & Jack Perry) vs. El Desperado, Shota Umino & Yoh

House Of Torture attacks El Desperado, Shota Umino & Yoh at the bell and they worked over Desperado in their corner before Desperado hits a spinebuster on Jack Perry.

Shota Umino got the hot tag and hit a flying forearm on Perry and he was fired up before Perry hits a clothesline and they were both down.

Umino hits a pop up knee strike on Yujiro Takahashi follow by Death Rider for the win.

Winners: El Desperado, Shota Umino & Yoh (8:07)
Rate: 4

10 Man Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (IWGP Tag Team Champions Chase Owens & Kenta, Taiji Ishimori, David Finlay & Gabe Kidd) vs. Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto & Yoshi Hashi) & Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Taiji Ishimori & Toru Yano starts this match before Kenta drops Hirooki Goto with a shoulder tackle before Hiroyoshi Tenzan enters and he battles Chase Owens.

Ishimori chokes Tenzan with a t shirt then Gabe Kidd enters and hits some Mongolian Chops on Tenzan.

Tomohiro Ishii made the hot tag and hit a series of shoulder tackles.

Ishii & Kidd traded chops before Ishii hits a German suplex on Kidd and they had an inspired exchange.

Yoshi Hashi tags in and faced Gedo before Bishamon hits Shoto for the win.

Winners: Chaos & Hiroyoshi Tenzan (9:04)
Rate: 6

6 Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables De Japon (IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi) vs. Just 5 Guys (Yuya Uemura, Sanada & Taichi)

Tetsuya Naito & Sanada starts this match with standing switches before Sanada ties Hiromu Takahashi in the Paradise Lock then Taichi enters and ties up Takahashi.

Yuya Uemura hits a bodyslam on Takahashi before Takahashi hits a basement dropkick on Uemura’s knee.

Bushi tags in and hit a dropkick on Uemura’s knee then a dive through the ropes on him.

Uemura hits a deep arm drag on Bushi then hooks Bushi in a Storm Clutch for the victory.

Winners: Just 5 Guys (8:36)
Rate: 6

Quarter Final Match Of The 2024 New Japan Cup
Yota Tsuji vs. Ren Narita

Ren Narita attacks Yota Tsuji from behind as Tsuji still had his robe on then they brawled to the floor and Tsuji whips Narita into a guardrail.

Narita took control as they kept fighting on the floor then they went over the guardrail and Narita whips Tsuji into a wall then into rows of empty blue bucket chairs and he hits Tsuji across the back with a folding chair.

Tsuji got back into the ring before being counted out then Narita locks in a Boston Crab and remained in charge. He switched to a Camel Clutch but Yota reached the ropes.

Narita kept Tsuji grounded before Tsuji hits a shoulder tackle then a splash for a near fall.

Narita grabs his push up bar but the ref confiscated it so Narita hits Tsuji in the head with a chair shot for a near fall.

Narita hits a northern lights suplex with a bridge for a near fall and he kept Tsuji grounded.

He hits a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall before Tsuji hits Curb Stomp on the head and they were both down before Tsuji hits a modified Tiger Driver for a near fall.

Narita fired back with a running knee to the chest for a near fall.

Narita went for Double Cross but Tsuji blocks it and Tsuji hits a running knee.

Tsuji accidentally speared the referee so Narita immediately got a chair and struck Tsuji in the back. House Of Torture hits the ring and attacked Tsuji. LIJ ran in to make the save.

Narita hits a low blow and sets up for Double Cross but Tsuji gets Narita in La Casadora to get the win.

Winner: Yota Tsuji (18:08)
Rate: 5

After the match Evil ran to ringside to attack Tsuji so Shingo Takagi ran down to make the save.

Non Title Quarter Final Match Of The 2024 New Japan Cup
NEVER Openweight Champion Evil vs. Shingo Takagi 

Evil & Shingo Takagi immediately brawled to the floor and took turns whipping each other into guardrails before House Of Torture beats up Takagi on the floor.

Evil choked Takagi with a t shirt in the ring then hits a suplex for a near fall.

Takagi fired back with some punches and a short arm clothesline and they were both down.

Takagi hits a bodyslam and a senton for a near fall then on the floor Takagi nails a snap suplex onto a pile of folded chairs.

Takagi hits a top rope superplex before Takagi accidentally clotheslined the ref in the corner.

House Of Torture jumps in the ring and beat up Takagi before Dick Togo hits knife edge chop to Takagi’s groin and Evil got a near fall. Evil hits Darkness Falls for a near fall.

He set up for Everything Is Evil but Takagi blocks it. Takagi hits a clothesline for a near fall.

Takagi hits Made In Japan for a near fall but the bell rang while the ref was counting and the ref stopped his count so Evil bumped the ref again.

Yota Tsuji & Hiromu Takahashi hops in the ring  to help battle House Of Torture.

Bushi accidentally sprayed mist in Takagi’s eyes then Togo threw powder in Takagi’ eyes.

Evil hits Everything Is Evil for the win.

Winner: NEVER Openweight Champion Evil (17:33) (He will face Tsuji in the Semi Finals)
Rate: 5

Semi Finals (March 18th)

Sanada vs. Hirooki Goto

NEVER Openweight Champion Evil vs. Yota Tsuji