Report On Backstage Meeting and Atmosphere At WWE RAW

Reddit user ToyStorySix, who previously broke stories including Jon Moxley being pulled from All Out, noted the following about a backstage meeting at Monday night’s RAW:

-A meeting was held before RAW to discuss Wrestler’s issues during and after the Saudi trip.

-Talent relations discussed “speculation” by wrestlers on social media created a dilemma for the company, wrestlers were assured it was a “mechanical issue”, wrestlers were discouraged from speculation about the issues. Vince McMahon and the Prince rumored argument was not discussed

-Seth spoke to the talent, was said to be an awkward speech attempting to unify the locker room, lots of talk about how every wrestler is a part of a team and encouraged keeping grievances and speculations off social media. Some felt Seth was being forced into a position that doesn’t fit him and he is not comfortable with.

-Talent were given a chance to ask questions, there were none. and i was told the situation felt unresolved, many are tired and burn out feeling is high.

-As aside, Cain earned everyones respect, heard nothing but high praise for him all over for everything he went through this week with positive attitude.

Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following about the backstage atmosphere: