Ric Flair Vents About Nick Khan and His Battle With WWE Over ‘The Man’ Trademark

During his recent podcast, Ric Flair talked about his departure from WWE and how President Nick Khan allegedly reacted to it:

“We didn’t have the same vision for me, and then Nick Khan makes it personal. Just because I didn’t wanna work there and I wanna do stuff like this so I can reflect on my career, Nick, he buries me…. I need someone to explain this to me, how on God’s green earth do you take the Flairs, take that brand, and not make it a fixture of that company?”

Flair also brought up his legal battle with WWE over “The Man” trademark and the company giving the moniker to Becky Lynch:

“Ultimately, the people that did that to me need to look in the mirror and know that I worked my whole career for that to belong to my daughter or my son. They’ve gotta look at themselves in the mirror. They gotta say to themselves, ‘Boy, he took something that he worked his whole life, his a** off for, every day, made a joke of it, and gave it away.’”

“It is [trademark battle over], and in closing because I’m so tired of going over it, it’s not even let’s say hypothetically the number one selling t-shirt for two years, and a billion dollar company, so let’s just say they made 30 million dollars, right? I could find out but it’s not worth it.”