Ricky Starks Reacts To Fan Accusing Him Of Attention Seeking

Like many wrestlers and celebrities, Ricky Starks has had to deal with haters on social media, which can be a toxic place to engage with people.

Starks has been absent from AEW television for several months, last appearing on the March 30 episode of AEW Collision. He suffered an injury scare, which resulted in Top Flight losing the bout that was originally scheduled to be won by Starks and Big Bill. However, Starks stated that he is not injured and has no explanation for why AEW has not used him.

AEW President Tony Khan has stated that he would love to see Starks return. According to Fightful, the only pitch Starks turned down in recent months was to split from Big Bill and feud with him. Starks did not believe that Big Bill losing a feud with him would benefit Bill. Instead, he preferred an amicable split.

Following the conclusion of Wednesday’s Dynamite episode, Starks posted a photo of himself on Twitter, as seen below. As a result, one fan claimed that Starks was attempting to draw attention to himself rather than focusing on the highly praised Dynamite episode.

As shown below, Starks did not appreciate the accusation.