Ricochet Pulled From Big Segment On WWE RAW Reunion

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, Seth Rollins replaced Ricochet in the segment with The Clique due to Ricochet having an elbow infection. Here is what Meltzer noted:

“Ricochet has an elbow infection so the whole spot that Seth did with AJ Styles, that was all Ricochet. The whole idea of the DX thing, and again, I do not know this was a Paul Heyman idea, but I know that Ricochet is one of his projects and I know the idea of the show was for the show, one of the big ideas was that Ricochet gets a big rub in the end from DX. Where they endorse him and they say he’s the next big thing. That is what that segment was supposed to be.”