ROH TV Results – December 7, 2023

ROH TV Results – December 7, 2023

Billie Starkz vs. Dani Mo

Billie Starkz hits Dani Mo with a Swanton Bomb off the top rope to get the win.

Winner: Billie Starkz

After the match Women’s Champion Athena attacks Starkz from behind but Starkz came back by sending Athena into the barricade. Security kept trying to pull then apart but they brawled through security and kept going after each other. Athena caught Starkz with a pop up powerbomb on the floor then rolls Starkz into the ring to hit Star Ten onto the Women’s Title.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta & Bryan Danielson were backstage. Danielson talked about Final Battle 2022 being Jay Briscoe’s final match in ROH before his untimely passing in January. He wanted to pay tribute to Briscoe with a match Blackpool Combat Club vs. FTR & Mark Briscoe.

Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV

Johnny TV scores the 1st near fall with a cartwheel clothesline that led to a standing shooting star press before Dalton Castle got some momentum on the outside before coming back into the ring and getting a near fall with a DDT.

Johnny sent Castle off of the apron before hitting a senton from a sitting position off of the apron. The Boys got Castle back in the ring after Johnny repeatedly sent Castle to the floor allowing Castle to sweep Johnny’s hand out from under him on a handstand kick attempt.

Castle sent Johnny flying with suplexes but Johnny sent Castle to the floor then Johnny went for a corkscrew dive but The Boys pulls Castle out of the way.

Castle thanks The Boys before going back into the ring then sets up Johnny for Bang A Rang but Taya Valkyrie came out and speared The Boys.

Johnny escapes Bang A Rang but Castle moves out of the way of Starship Pain. Valkyrie distracted Castle allowing Johnny to hit a springboard kick.

Kiera Hogan involved herself in proceedings by pulling Valkyrie off of the apron then Castle hits Bang A Rang for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Rachael Ellering vs. Nikki Victory

Rachael Ellering was in firm control before Maria hooks her leg from the floor then Nikki Victory connects with a superkick but Ellering came back with Bosswoman Slam for the win.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

After the match She argued with Maria on the floor as Leyla Hirsch tried to keep the peace.

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Women’s Champion Athena was backstage with Lexy Nair & she announced that per Tony Khan the Women’s World Title match between her & Billie Starkz will be the main event of Final Battle. She also informed Nair that she would be the ring announcer for the match.

Tag Team Match
The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

The Workhorsemen isolated Carlie Bravo after Drake hit a belly 2 belly suplex before Bravo escaped to get the tag out to Shawn Dean.

Dean ran wild by hitting Anthony Henry with a Butterfly DDT. Bravo hits JD Drake with a Scissors Kick leading to a Dean frog splash for a near fall.

Drake got a tag out to Henry but Dean drills him with a rolling elbow then The Infantry went for Boot Camp but Drake cuts it off from the floor.

Dean avoids a cannonball and sends Drake into his corner where Bravo got a tag.

Henry sent Bravo into a Dean superkick allowing The Workhorsemen to catch Bravo with a kick into a pendulum flatliner to get the win.

Winners: The Workhorsemen 

Tag Team Match
The Renegades (Charlette & Robyn) vs. Trish Adora & Lady Frost

Robyn Renegade & Lady Frost starts this match with Frost landing a neckbreaker for a near fall then Frost got sent to the apron where Charlette Renegade swept her legs out from under her.

The Renegades held control of Frost for a few minutes before Frost lands a set of kicks to The Renegades.

Trish Adora tags in and ran wild by hitting a kneeling German suplex for a near fall. Robyn locks Adora in an abdominal stretch but Frost headscissored Robyn to break the hold.

Adora hits Lariat Tubman on Robyn followed by Frost hitting Frost Bite for the win.

Winners: Trish Adora & Lady Frost

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Leyla Hirsch & Maria before Rachel Ellering came in still heated about the match. Hirsch said she would give Maria the benefit of the doubt before telling Ellering that she would have her back.

Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Qualifying Match
Lee Johnson vs. Josh Woods

Josh Woods control things on the mat before Lee Johnson caught Woods with a dropkick to ground Woods then Woods dumps Johnson to the floor with a hip toss before throwing him into the barricade.

Woods held serve on Johnson before Johnson shot out of the corner with a neckbreaker before Johnson sprung over Woods by catching his head and hitting a Final Cut for a near fall.

Woods cuts off a corner charge with a boot but Johnson boots Woods when he elevated to the 2nd rope then they battled on the ropes before Woods hits a twisting suplex for a near fall.

Woods went for Chaos Theory but Johnson rolls Woods up for a near fall then Woods hits a pair of running knees before a gutwrench powerbomb scores a near fall.

Woods went for a running knee but Johnson moves out of the way and hits a superkick. Johnson landed a frog splash to get the win.

Winner & Gets Into The Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Match: Lee Johnson

Tag Team Match
The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum)

The Outrunners lands a double back elbow on Vincent but Dutch tags in and drops Truth Magnum quickly. The Righteous held serve on Magnum for a while but Magnum slips away from Dutch and got the tag out to Turbo Floyd.

Floyd ran wild for a while by dropping Vincent with a twisting suplex before Dutch came back in by dropping Magnum with a lariat and Floyd with a Bossman Slam before Vincent hits Autumn Sunshine on Floyd for the win.

Winners: The Righteous

Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Qualifying Match
Lee Moriarty vs. Tracy Williams

Lee Moriarty & Tracy Williams do some grappling to start this match with Williams reversing the Border City Stretch into a roll up for a near fall.

They traded grappling for strikes with Williams sending Moriarty into the corner with forearms.

Moriarty came back with a kick to the arm before hitting a bridging half hatch suplex for a near fall then Moriarty hit a strike combination ending with a low dropkick for a near fall.

Williams reversed a suplex into an inside cradle for a near fall but Moriarty quickly came back with a flatliner into the turnbuckles. Moriarty went for a Harlem Side Kick but Williams countered it into a suplex.

Moriarty went after the arm with kicks but Williams caught one and drops Moriarty with a crotch lift Angle Slam.

Williams elevated to the 2nd rope and drops Moriarty with a DDT onto the top turnbuckle before scoring a near fall with a lariat.

Williams went for a piledriver but his arm gave out so Moriarty went for Border City Stretch but Williams counters it into a crossface but Moriarty grabs Williams’ fingers to escape snapping the fingers once they stood up before Moriarty hits The Fang for the win.

Winner & Gets Into The Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Match: Lee Moriarty

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Dalton Castle & He talks about being the most made for TV wrestler in Ring Of Honor when Johnny TV appeared. They named television shows in an increasingly aggressive manner before Taya Valkyrie came in. She said that the only reason Castle won earlier was because of his friends and that he would never compare to Johnny.

Tag Team Match
The Boys (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate) vs. The Butcher & The Blade

The Butcher starts this match with Brandon Tate as he overpowers him with ease then Brent Tate tags in and helps hit a double dropkick to stagger Butcher.

Butcher quickly got back in control by tagging in The Blade & Brent caught Blade with a standing Sliced Bread before dropping Butcher with a double team.

They low bridged Butcher & Blade to the floor but got caught with forearms on dive attempts.

Butcher & Blade isolated Brent in their corner before Brent slips away for the tag & things broke down until Butcher & Blade hits Full Death for the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Griff Garrison, Cole Karter & Maria & they talked about needing to change something about the act before Maria suggested new music that she sang herself.

Angelico vs. Christopher Daniels

Angelico fought out of a Daniels headlock then he drops Daniels from behind before Angelico controlls Daniels after a kick to the neck but Daniels came back with a pair of sunset flips.

Angelico drops Daniels with a punch to the face then Daniels came back with a tb one suplex before firing up on Angelico. Daniels hits the 10 punches in the corner before hitting a big back body drop and an STO for a near fall.

Angelico caught Daniels with an up kick for a near fall but Daniels cuts him off on the top rope.

Daniels went for Iconoclasm but Serpentico hooks his foot from the floor so Angelico locks in Navarro Death Lock for the win.

Winner By Submission: Angelico

After the match Daniels went after Serpentico but Angelico attacks him from behind & Spanish Announce Project beat down Daniels until AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Danhausen made the save. Angelico came in from behind and chop blocks Cassidy before leaving with Serpentico.

Tony Khan was in the ring to officiate the contract signing between Tony Nese & Ethan Page for their match at Final Battle. Khan announced that this would be an I Quit match. Mark Sterling shows a picture of Ethan Page in worse shape from years ago. Sterling said that Page was in better shape now but would quit on his fitness like he quit on all of his tag team partners and everything else he’s ever done.

Page talked about how Nese took him away from his goal of winning the Television Title but after he beat Nese at Final Battle he would move on and no one would care about Nese ever again. The contract was signed and Page went to leave before Nese took the mic. He said that he never wanted to help Page despite the kind offer from Sterling. Nese gave Page one last piece of advice always take your protein. Sterling blinds Page with protein powder before Nese hit him with the Running Knese and puts him through a table.

Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Qualifying Match
Kyle Fletcher vs. Gravity

Gravity sends Kyle Fletcher to the floor with a handspring armdrag before hitting a tope to the floor. Fletcher caught Gravity on a springboard before hitting a spinning Side Effect.

Fletcher clubbered on Gravity for a while before Gravity reversed a powerbomb into a snap hurricanrana for a near fall.

Gravity hits a standing moonsault for a near fall before Fletcher came back with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall of his own.

Gravity & Fletcher traded shots before Fletcher hit a running leg lariat. Fletcher went for Grimstone but Gravity reversed it into a roll up for a near fall before Fletcher drops Gravity before hitting Grimstone for the win.

Winner & Gets Into The Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Match: Kyle Fletcher

Final Battle Card So Far (Dec 15th)

Television Title Survival Of The Fittest Match
Dalton Castle vs. Komander vs. Lee Johnson vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. TBD

Women’s Title Match
Athena (c) vs. Billie Starkz

Keith Lee vs. Shane Taylor

I Quit Match
Tony Nese vs. Ethan Page

6 Man Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) & Mark Briscoe