ROH TV Results – February 15, 2024

ROH TV Results – February 15, 2024

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Queen Aminata vs. J Rod

J Rod slaps Queen Aminata in the face and Aminata fired back with double chops to the chest. Aminata hit a snap suplex and got a two count for it.

J Rod hits snake eyes then a big boot then mounted Aminata for some punches.

J Rod chops and kicks Aminata in the corner before Aminata fired back but got her leg caught in the ropes. J Rod threw Aminata into the turnbuckle.

J Rod hits a suplex and got a one count before J Rod hits a scoop slam and went to the top rope.

J Rod missed a frog splash and Aminata came back with a forearm. Aminata hit a few clotheslines.

Aminata hits a snapmare and a running PK before Aminata hits a running hip attack and face wash in the corner.

J Rod hits a drop toe hold into the corner and then missed a tackle in the corner.

Aminata hits a release German suplex and a headbutt for the win.

Winner: Queen Aminata (6:04)
Rate: 5

Tag Team Match
The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean) vs. Midnight Heat (Eddie Pearl & Ricky Gibson) 

Shawn Dean hits a shoulder tackle and a pair of arm drags and a dropkick to start this match then The Infantry hits an elbow drop for a two count.

Carlie Bravo works Eddie Pearl over in the corner then hits an over the rope cutter for a two count. Midnight Heat hits a double team DDT for a two count on Bravo.

Gibson hits a slingshot backbreaker then Midnight Heat hits a tag team move for a two count. Midnight Heat works over Bravo in their corner with quick tags.

Bravo fought out and got the hot tag to Dean & came in with a back body drop and float over DDT. Dean hits an elbow drop for a two count on Ricky Gibson.

Bravo hit a blind tag and Bravo hit a TKO for a near fall that got broken up.

Midnight Heat was able to dump Bravo to ringside then they hit a backslide leg drop combo then a cover on Dean but Bravo broke it up.

Gibson got dumped to ringside before Bravo hits Carlie Crossover then The Infantry hits Boot Camp for the win.

Winners: The Infantry

A cameraman ran down Aminata and asked what else she has to do to prove herself. Aminata said she just won but that the Women’s Television Title will look good on her skin. She said she’s representing her continent

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Leyla Hirsch vs. Rachel Ellering 

We got a hug for the Code Of Honor before Leyla Hirsch works a hammerlock and let it go for a stalemate before they traded headlock takedowns and leg trip near falls for another stalemate. Hirsch hit a backslide and tried her knee lift but Ellering caught it.

Ellering hit a shoulder tackle and then a gutwrench slam then hits a scoop slam and senton splash for a two count. Hirsch hits a gutwrench suplex of her own for a two count.

Hirsch hits a tip up and locked in a sleeper and transitioned into an abdominal stretch but Ellering pushed Hirsch into the ropes for a break. Hirsch got a near fall with a cradle.

Hirsch & Ellering used elbows to escape waist locks then traded forearms in the middle until they fist bumped then hockey fought in the middle of the ring.

Ellering got the advantage with a forearm but Hirsch threw a German suplex that Ellering no sold and hit a forearm to the back of the neck and got a two count.

Ellering works over Hirsch with chops then hits an STO and a springboard leg drop for a two count.

Ellering hit a twisting elbow and then came up holding her arm and got a quick two count.

Hirsch tried a crossface but the ref pulls her off because Ellering needed a doc & Doc Sampson looks Ellering over and pops it back in.

Hirsch didn’t want to restart but Ellering pushed her so Hirsch hits some forearms and a dropkick then a pendulum dropkick. Hirsch hits a Saito suplex and got a two count.

Ellering kept grabbing onto Hirsch but Hirsch stomped her until she was able to climb up to the top rope and hits a moonsault for a two count. Hirsch hits another Saito suplex but only got a one count.

Ellering begs Hirsch to finish it and Hirsch hits her knee lift and got a two count when Ellering reversed it and Ellering got a two count. Hirsch pops up and hits another knee lift for the win.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch (10:49)
Rate: 6

After the match Doc Sampson checks on Ellering again as Hirsch looks on and tried to console Ellering then they hugged then Ellering held up Hirsch’s arm.

A replay aired of the Women’s Champion Athena & Nyla Rose drama from last week.

We saw Nyla Rose calling out Athena as Athena snuck up from behind with half a table & they brawled all over the backstage area as security tried to intervene but they were taken out by the women. Eventually Rose stood tall after choking Athena against a wall holding her up.

Tag Team Match
Lights Camera Faction (Action Braxton & Ice Williams) vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum) 

The Outrunners Code Of Honored themselves then Truth Magnum hits an early shoulder block on Ice Williams before Turbo Floyd blind tags in and hit a scoop slam and some quick elbow drops.

Floyd locks Action Braxton in the tree of woe and Magnum hit a dropkick to the face.

Braxton used some chops to try and reach his partner and eventually he hits an elbow and got the hot tag. Williams came in and hit an enzuigiri but got leg picked by Magnum.

The Outrunners hits a double team scoop slam before Floyd picks up Williams on a near fall then hits Boot Camp to get the win.

Winners: The Outrunners

Backstage Lexy Nair asked The Infantry what’s next for them & The Infantry said they’re gonna keep winning. Lee Moriarty slid in and told them that The Outrunners just stole Boot Camp. The Infantry ran off saying they needed to take care of it

Bryan Keith vs. Slice Boogie

Bryan Keith hits some strikes then a big boot before Keith hits a t bone suplex.

Slice Boogie tried to fight Keith off but gets hit with a headbutt.

Keith hits an over the shoulder cutter from the corner to score the win.

Winner: Bryan Keith

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Mercedes Martinez vs. Trish Adora

Mercedes Martinez hits a drop toe hold then paint brushed Trish Adora’s head before they traded headlocks then arm wringers until Adora got a school boy for a one count.

Adora got another cradle for a one count then they traded more arm holds and chain wrestling until Adora hit an arm drag and shoulder block on Martinez.

Adora got dumped to ringside and Martinez ran her into the ring apron.

Back in the ring Martinez hit elbows and knees into the back of Adora and locked in a chin lock with a knee in the back.

Martinez tried for 3 amigos but Adora got a roll up on the 3rd for a two count but Martinez kneed the back and took back over.

Both wrestlers traded forearms in the middle until Adora tried a German suplex but Martinez fought it off.

Adora hits some double ax handles and then a Thez press for some mounted punches.

Adora hits a pump kick and a senton splash for a two count then Martinez hits a spinebuster and got a two count.

Adora hits a cradle and got a two count then hits a kneeling German suplex and got a two count.

Adora tried to pick up Martinez but the back gave out and Martinez hit a forearm to the back and locks in Brass City Sleeper & Adora taps out.

Winner By Submission: Mercedes Martinez (9:46)
Rate: 7

Backstage Rachel Ellering was lamenting her tough loss as Leyla Hirsch apologized for the injury and Ellering said it wasn’t her fault. Hirsch said she was proud of Ellering & Ellering returned the pride. Ellering said she has Hirsch’s back then they hugged.

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) & Lance Archer vs. James Blackheart, JC Valentine & Jon Cruz

Dutch gets hit with a dropkick early but he blocks a monkey flip attempt and hits a running suplex.

Lance Archer in and he missed a corner splash and ate a few strikes from James Blackheart only for Blackheart to get lay out with a Pounce.

Archer chops Blackheart before Vincent hits a boot to the face and running STO.

Dutch hits a powerbomb and Vincent hit a diving headbutt for a near fall that Dutch let go of when he saw Jon Cruz attempt to come into the ring.

Vincent stood on the throat of Blackheart in the corner before Vincent missed an elbow and Cruz got the hot tag and he came in with some punches only to eat a back elbow and a Blackhole Slam from Dutch.

Archer came in and ran through JC Valentine then hits a step up knee lift.

The Righteous hits Orange Sunshine and Archer hits Blackout onto Valentine for the win.

Winners: The Righteous & Lance Archer

Backstage The Infantry confronted The Outrunners about stealing Boot Camp. The Outrunners said they’ve been using it since the Sportatorium. The Infantry told them it’s their move and stormed off. Outrunners seemed unfazed

Dalton Castle vs. Kenny King

Dalton Castle hits a shoulder tackle but Kenny King hit a drop toe hold and slid right into a headlock. King hits a Japanese arm drag and Castle slid to ringside to regroup.

King goaded Castle back into the ring only to low bridge him right back out and Castle retreated to the ramp.

Castle ran back but got tripped off the apron then gets hit with a a corkscrew dive.

Back in the ring Castle hits a clothesline and tried Bang A Rang but King slid out and did a savage hotshot.

King missed a senton off the top rope but was able to hit a Rewind Kick before King ran right into Bang A Rang to get the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Backstage Women’s Champion Athena was icing her neck and questioning what she was going to do about Nyla Rose. Athena said she’s not one to back down from a fight. Athena challenged Rose to a Tables Match for the Women’s Title next week.

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Diamante vs. Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan works a headlock until Diamante pushed her in the corner then Hogan hits a drop toe hold and a running hip attack in the ropes.

Hogan hits a corner clothesline and then went to the middle rope but Diamante pulls her off. Diamante worked her over with punches and a choke in the ropes.

Diamante hit a running back elbow for a two count then locks in a chin lock until Hogan fought up only to get hit with a knee lift.

Hogan reversed a suplex with one of her own for a double down before Hogan hits a big boot and a dropkick from the middle rope. Hogan missed a hip attack in the corner.

Hogan reversed a Cross Rhodes attempt and then hit her corner hip attack and a face wash kick for a two count. Diamante got a roll up for a two count.

Diamante gets hit with a superkick and Hogan hits a neckbreaker for a two count.

Diamante complained about her neck on the apron and as the ref and Hogan came to check on her she poked the eyes of Hogan and hits Shurnoi for a two count.

Both women traded waist locks until Hogan hit a superkick then missed a wild punch and Diamante hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Diamante (6:31)
Rate: 5

Nyla Rose stated backstage that she accepted Athena’s challenge and thanks her for the opportunity to take her Women’s Title. Rose said since she likes putting Athena through tables so much it’s going to be a Best 2 Of 3 Tables match.

Next Week’s Card 

Women’s Title 2 Out Of 3 Tables Match
Athena (c) vs. Nyla Rose

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Title Tournament
Billie Starkz vs. Robyn Renegade

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Title Tournament
Viva Van vs. Abadon

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Title Tournament
Red Velvet vs. Sandra Moone

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Title Tournament
Sussy Love vs. Taya Valkyrie