Ronda Rousey Comments On Writing About Her Concussions

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former WWE star Ronda Rousey recently spoke with Never Before Told on a number of topics including writing about her concussions on her new book.

Rousey said, “There was just so much to it that I couldn’t talk about it in the form of an interview or an article or anything like that, or there would be several filters between my words and people reading it….and so much had to do with, having so many concussions when I was in judo before I even got into MMA. I couldn’t talk about it at all when I was doing MMA because it would like, basically, literally put a target on my head, and I might not have been allowed to compete any further. Same thing with WWE, they have a complicated history with their performers getting concussions and it’d be a bad look on them, and so I really felt like I couldn’t talk about it at all, and so long form, I feel like it’s the only way that I’d be able to adequately address it.”

On unexpected things she wrote about in the book:

“One would be my IVF journey that I had to go through to have [her daughter.]”

You can check out Rousey’s comments in the video below.