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Bray Wyatt Breaks Character To Send Important Message

Bray Wyatt posted the following on his Instagram account thewindhamrotunda: "You are stale. They ruined you. He is boring. I hate his matches. My life is...

Rocky Johnson’s Cause of Death Revealed

In a video published to Instagram, The Rock commented on the death of his father Rocky Johnson and what caused Johnson's death: “My heart is...

Roman Reigns Takes A Shot At Goldberg and Gets Response

A fan posted a photo of Roman Reigns using a crash mat to protect his hand during his entrance on Smackdown. When a fan...

The Favorites To Win At The Royal Rumble Revealed

The favorites to win at the WWE Royal Rumble 2020 PPV have been published by betting site The favorites have the "-" symbol and...

Former WWE Superstar Returns As An Agent, Mike Kanellis Update

- In an interview with, former La Résistance member Sylvain Grenier revealed that he is back with WWE in a new role as...