Tommy Dreamer Named The New TNA Head Of Creative

(Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling)

TNA wrestlers are continuing to move on from Scott D’Amore’s resignation as TNA President and the replacement of Anthony Cicione, a decision made by Anthem’s president, Len Asper, following a disagreement.

D’Amore was beloved by the majority of the TNA roster. D’Amore approached Anthem with an offer to buy TNA outright before Hard To Kill, TNA’s most successful pay-per-view event in several years, with the backing of a major banking institution, but was turned down.

D’Amore’s termination was planned a month before it was announced. A recent development was a letter sent to Anthem by several TNA talent, which can be read by clicking here.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, former WWE/ECW star Tommy Dreamer has been named the promotion’s new head of creative.

Regarding the Zoom call following the announcement, Dave Meltzer stated, “Frankie Kazarian was like the voice of reason just telling people to at least give the new regime a chance. Jordynne Grace and Moose, in particular, were very vocal about this. It was also said not to take that as that if Kazarian wasn’t mad about it as well, as pretty much everyone was, but when some got really vocal about it on the call when the announcement was made.”

TNA’s next TV tapings are scheduled for later this month, as is the No Surrender special on TNA+.