Tony Khan Addresses MJF, Kenny Omega, And Britt Baker’s AEW Absence

AEW President Tony Khan spoke with the media following the 2024 AEW Dynasty PPV event about the status of former World Champion MJF.

“MJF, one of the biggest stars in AEW, we haven’t seen him in recent months. I would love to get MJF back here sooner. Sooner than later, like really soon. We have so many great things happening and I think that would be really added. He’s one of our great wrestlers and we’ve had great things happening in AEW lately. A lot of great milestones in the last couple of months. Everything is going great for AEW right now, that would be something that would add a lot. That’d be awesome to have MJF back, and soon, I would love that.”

Khan also commented on Kenny Omega and Britt Baker being absent from AEW:

“I look forward to seeing both of them as soon as we possibly can. I think both of them have been recuperating from totally different things. Both great, former world champions for AEW and hopefully we can see them both soon. Going to Winnipeg, it would be great, even if he can’t return, to see Kenny Omega, that would be pretty awesome for the fans up there. That is something, I’m optimistic, hopefully we could do. For Britt Baker, the sooner she’s back, the better, she’s a great world champion for us and a great representative for AEW. We’ve missed her. That would be tremendous. We saw Adam Cole back tonight and hopefully we’ll seen Dr. Britt Baker back sometime soon too. We miss Kenny Omega. I’ve talked to him a few times this week. He’s one of our greatest champions and greatest stars ever. He’s been here from the beginning. We definitely miss him.”

You can check out the complete media scrum below:

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