Tony Khan On Nikki Bella: “We Would Love To Have Her Here Any Time”

Tony Khan would be interested in discussing the possibility of Nikki Garcia joining AEW.

Nikki and Brie Garcia, aka The Bella Twins, have concentrated on their business ventures and have not appeared in WWE since leaving in March 2023. Earlier this week, Nikki made headlines when she stated on their podcast that she seriously considered joining AEW shortly after Mercedes Mone arrived in March.

She thought she could do it for a year, but she decided not to call Khan because she believes her son needs her more.

Khan addressed Nikki’s comments on the Battleground Podcast with Tim Battle and Eli.

“If Nikki Garcia ever wanted to come into AEW, I would be very interested in that. I think the world of her. I have so much respect for Nicole and Brie. They’re like family to us because Bryan is like a part of my family, and that means Brie and Nicole [are] part of the family. So I have so much respect for both of them, and if Nikki was interested in coming to AEW, we would love to have her here any time. That was so great to hear. It means the world, and I just like both of them so much. I think they’re really, really cool and really, really great stars that would add a lot to AEW if they ever wanted to come.”