Tony Khan’s Reaction To CM Punk Interview, AEW’s Footage Of CM Punk’s Altercation With Jack Perry

During this week’s Collision, AEW announced that The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson) will present backstage footage from AEW All In and discuss it for the first time on Dynamite this week.

This is related to the incident involving CM Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All In last August. Perry was suspended following the incident, while Punk was released. The incident with Punk occurred after he advised Perry not to use real glass for a TV segment.

During his All In match, Perry made a spot on the windshield of a car and made a reference to glass to the camera, saying, “Real glass, cry me a river,” resulting in the physical altercation. During an appearance on The MMA Hour this week, Punk discussed the incident in great detail.

According to Fightful Select, Dave Meltzer, and Bryan Alvarez, AEW will air the footage. Fightful reported that footage of the altercation is expected to air, and AEW officials stated that the promotion would not falsely promote anything, let alone something like that. Alvarez and Meltzer also discussed it on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Alvarez said, “Yes, Tony Khan is showing the Jack Perry-CM Punk footage from All In on Dynamite. It’s not a bait and switch. When I first saw the graphic indicating that the Young Bucks were going to show footage from All In, I immediately thought, ‘Okay, well, you know, the Young Bucks are heel characters, it’ll be some goofy thing or whatever.’ But then I asked, and I’m not speaking as one person. “There are multiple people.”

Meltzer added, “Well, I definitely can say that I definitely got it 100% confirmed.”

Alvarez contintued, “It is absolutely true; they are airing the footage. Tony was extremely upset about CM Punk’s interview. And, apparently, I was told he wanted to air this footage a long time ago. For whatever reason, he didn’t. And now, I guess, because of the timing, the interview, and what CM Punk said, he’s going to broadcast it. And we’ve heard many different accounts of what happened. We’ll see on Wednesday, but I’m not sure why Tony would air the footage if it was the story that CM Punk told.”

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