Top Takeaways And Storylines Coming Out Of WWE Royal Rumble 2024

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Now that the WWE flagship show Royal Rumble 2024 is completed let’s take a look at the most significant takeaways and storylines coming out of the event as Wrestlemania Season has officially begun.

Bayley Punches Her Ticket To Wrestlemania 40

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The Women’s Royal Rumble match kicked off the action-packed show. Three stories were coming into this Rumble match.

Bayley’s story to win her first-ever Rumble match and solidify her ticket to Wrestlemania. Becky’s story to win the Rumble and challenge Rhea Ripley. And who else would show up and make surprise appearances?

We did not have to wait long to discover surprise entrants as Naomi entered the Rumble as entrant # 2 to a thunderous ovation. It appears Naomi is officially back in the WWE.

The next surprise was TNA Knockout Champion Jordynne Grace coming out at # 5. While there was talk about Grace making a possible appearance, many were still surprised to see a champion from another promotion in a WWE ring—something you would rarely see under the old regime. Naomi and Grace hugged in the ring before they started battling each other.

Jade Cargill also made her long-awaited WWE debut when she entered the rumble as the entrant # 28. She had a stare-down with Nia Jax before eventually tossing Jax over the top rope single-handed. Cargill also had an awesome faceoff with “The EST” Bianca Belair.

Ultimately, Bayley raised her hand in victory, entering at # 3 and lasting over an hour. She finally had her moment and pointed to the Wrestlemania XL sign as the crowd was firmly behind her.

Bayley did call out the WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley before the rumble match; however, all indications are Bayley’s time in Damage CTRL is coming to an end, and a match with WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky at Wrestlemania is the better story and direction WWE will be going.

It will be interesting to see if the WWE will go with a Jade Cargill vs. Nia Jax match or even Cargill vs. Belair, as both were teased in the Rumble. As well as how WWE inserts Becky Lynch in the title picture with Ripley. Odds are it will be at Elimination Chamber, but only time will tell.

Roman Reigns Is Still The Top Dog In WWE

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The Fatal Four Way Match was a good match between four of the best athletes in Wrestling today: Reigns, AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton. The problem was that everyone knew the winner: Roman Reigns.

In typical fashion, Reigns had help from his cousin Solo Sikoa to retain the championship. And it is a forgone conclusion Reigns will headline one of the nights of Wrestlemania 40; the question is with whom?

The Men’s Royal Rumble Match later on would give us an answer to that question.

The Logan Paul And Kevin Owens Feud Appears Far From Over

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Logan Paul successfully retained his WWE United States Championship, but the way he did it was both interesting and brilliant at the same time!

After an exciting back-and-forth match, Paul had his goons come down to ringside. The ref tried to make them leave; however, with the distraction, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller came down to ringside, too. Theory handed Paul brass knuckles behind the ref’s back.

Owens rolls up Paul for a two-count and notices the brass knuckles on Paul’s hand. He got them off and used them himself on Paul. The ref goes to count three and sees the brass knuckles on Owens’ hand and disqualifies him.

After the match, a distraught Owens beats down Paul, sending him through a table and leaving him laid out.

It was a great way to continue this feud, with Logan retaining but not pinning Owens. This feud should continue during Wrestlemania Season and conclude at Wrestlemania 40.

Cody Rhodes’s Story Continues

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Many intriguing stories were being told going into this Men’s Royal Rumble Match; however, the two that stood out were Cody’s and CM Punk’s.

CM Punk claims he returned to WWE to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania! Cody was attempting to do what no one had done in 26 years: win back-to-back Rumbles to have another chance to complete his story at Wrestlemania.

There were some strong showings by Bron Brakker and Gunther. The rumble saw Andrade’s return for the first time in over three years, as well as Sami Zayn’s returning from injury.

The final four contestants were right to be there based on the stories they told before the Rumble match; they included Drew Mcintyre, Gunther, CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes.

The final two of Rhodes and Punk kept you on the edge of your seat as no one knew who would pull it out. They milked everything and had the capacity crowd in their hands. 

Ultimately, the WWE went with the smarter play of having Cody win. CM Punk and Seth Rollins have been feuding since Punk’s return, and a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match appears destined to happen at Wrestlemania regardless of the outcome of the Rumble.

Cody needed this win to get inserted back into the title picture and a shot at Reigns and the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. 

Whether The Rock gets put into their match in some capacity or gets involved in setting up a future date with Reigns remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure: this will be an incredible ride through Wrestlemania Season!