Top Three Moments Of TNA Against All Odds 2024

On Friday, June 14th, TNA Wrestling presented its big event, “Against All Odds.” The show came to us live from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL. The show was headlined by a massive main event match which saw Moose put his TNA World Championship on the line against “Broken” Matt Hardy, but the action didn’t stop there.

We also saw Nic and Ryan Nemeth team up to challenge The System’s Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Also, Jordynne Grace held an open challenge for her TNA Knockouts Championship in one of the most anticipated matches of the night. So, what were the top three moments of the night?

Top 3 Moments of TNA Against All Odds 

3. Dirty Dango screws over Nic and Ryan Nemeth

In the fifth match of the show, we saw The System’s Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards put their TNA World Tag Team Championships on the line against the team of Nic and Ryan Nemeth. This was just the second-ever tag team match for Nic and Ryan Nemeth and they looked excellent.

It’s no secret how good The System is. Myers and Edwards are natural as tag team competitors. At the beginning of the match, Dirty Dango returned after some time to get rid of Alisha Edwards. It looked as if Dango was going to be helping the Nemeths. However, this was all a ruse.

At the end of the match, the referee got pulled out of the ring. It wasn’t made obvious who the person who pulled the referee out was. Moose looked like the culprit, so Nic Nemeth took Moose out going high risk. This led to Dango taking a cheap shot on Ryan Nemeth, leading to The System retaining. This was an excellent tag match and it was great seeing Dango back in TNA.

2. Jeff Hardy returns to TNA 

In the main event of TNA Against All Odds, we saw Moose put his TNA World Championship on the line against “Broken” Matt Hardy in a “Broken Rules” match. Moose and Hardy went to war in this match over the top prize in the sport. This match saw it all. Chairs, ladders, tables, a football helmet, and so much more.

Just as it looked as if Matt Hardy had the match won, Alisha Edwards made the save. This drew out Rebecca Hardy and Rebecca and Alisha went at it, which ended when she hit a twist of fate on Edwards. Matt Hardy measured Moose for a spear through the table, but accidentally landed one on Rebecca through a table set up in the corner. This allowed Moose to regroup and land his spear to retain the TNA World Championship.

After the match, The System jumped Matt Hardy and Rebecca Hardy. This drew out the Nemeths, but they still got overpowered. Joe Hendry would come out next and not fair much better. This all changed when Jeff Hardy made his return and took out everyone. The show ended with The Hardyz and the baby faces standing tall. This was an amazing way to end the show.

1. NXT’s Tatum Paxley answers Jordynne Grace’s Open Challenge

In the second to last match of the night, Jordynne Grace put her TNA Knockout’s Championship on the line in an “Open Challenge” match. The open challenge would be answered by none other than WWE’s own, Tatum Paxley. This blew open the NXT and TNA partnership, as Paxley got a huge pop.

The match itself was fantastic. Paxley got a lot of good offense in, while still making it look like Grace is the star of the TNA knockout division. At times, it looked like Paxley had Grace right where she wanted her. However, it was not to be. Ultimately, Grace hit her finisher on Paxley to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

This TNA and WWE partnership has been nothing short of unprecedented, yet incredible. Seeing the stars cross promotions has been incredibly fun. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a long relationship between the two companies that leads to more main-roster talent being involved.