Triple H Addresses UK Wrestling Promotions Shutting Down

Triple H recently appeared on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast and here are the highlights courtesy of Reddit user dogryan100:

Direct quote: “Yes, some of these (UK) indies are going to go away. The ones that are gonna go away are the ones that were paying you $25 when they promised you $75, the ones that didn’t have a ring that would hold up, the ones that didn’t have medical there, the ones that didn’t care about you they were just booking you because they were hoping to sell some tickets and you had a little bit of buzz so they were hoping to sell some tickets and they could care less what you do when you do it.”

They want to work with the ones that were cultivating talent, encouraging them to become better, working on promos, medical care at the show itself, so you weren’t laying there for 45 minutes while they were working on if they could get an ambulance or an Uber.

Triple H admits there are some promotions (UK) that they don’t allow talent to work for, and they are the ones that don’t follow the guidelines mentioned above.