Triple H Issues Public Apology To Paige Over Joke

As previously noted, Triple H recently did an interview with and addressed the rumors of Edge and Paige possibly wrestling again. Triple H said he wants to see them both live healthy lives. Triple H also mentioned that Edge has kids and then added, “Paige maybe. She probably has some that she doesn’t know of.”

Several years ago on Total Divas, Paige disclosed that she had a miscarriage when she was 18 and didn’t know if she would be able to have kids due to a surgery.

Triple H has issued a public apology for his joke:

Gary Cassidy of, who interviewed Triple H when the joke was made, caught up with Paige and asked her about the joke. Paige said she was perplexed because Triple H has always been respectful. Paige feels that perhaps Triple H got caught up in the joke but it was inappropriate to make. Paige noted that Tripe H did reach out to her about the joke.