UFC Did Not Understand CM Punk’s Connection To ‘Cult Of Personality’ Song

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In a recent episode of ‘The Wrestling in Film Podcast’, Rory Karpf, who directed ‘The Evolution of Punk’, which chronicles CM Punk’s journey to his UFC debut, discussed various topics related to the series, including a funny tale involving Punk’s popular theme music. When Punk returned to the WWE in 2011, post-Money in the Bank, he famously did so with Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” – a song that is now synonymous with Punk. However, according to Karpf, UFC was not aware of this fact.

Rory Karpf on Using ‘Cult of Personality’: “We used ‘Cult of Personality’ in the last episode – the song, and I licensed it. And when I sent it to the UFC, someone there, an executive, was like: ‘Why are you using this song? It doesn’t fit’. I’m like, ‘That’s his theme song, dude’. They didn’t really know that much about his wrestling career. I was like, ‘No, this is gonna be his walkout music, this is his song’. I said the wrestling fans are going to watch this and pop big when they hear this music come in.”

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