Update On Andrade El Idolo’s Status With AEW Heading Into 2024

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Andrade El Idolo appears to be on his way out of AEW after joining the promotion in 2021 after leaving WWE. He appeared to be unhappy in the company and had some backstage issues for the majority of his AEW run.

He had an incident backstage with Sammy Guevara in October 2022, where he allegedly sucker punched him at a Dynamite event, which resulted in him being sent home and undergoing surgery for a torn pectoral muscle.

Andrade returned to WWE in June and has made references to the company since then, sparking speculation that he may return, especially since his wife, Charlotte Flair, works for the company. El Idolo is currently competing in the Blue League of the AEW Continental Classic.

Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that El Idolo’s AEW contract is set to expire soon unless time has been added due to time missed while he was out of action.

“He’s going back to CMLL. I’m not sure exactly what week, but probably relatively soon,” Meltzer said before explaining that while Andrade was in talks with AAA, he wants to return to CMLL, where he started.

“On Friday night’s Arena Mexico show they did a tease of him going back. He had talked to AAA about going back there, and decided to go to CMLL. I think he just wanted to do it because that’s where he started. Because there’s no real money, even though CMLL’s drawing big crowds, there’s no real money being paid by CMLL. And Andrade actually charges a lot for his appearances in Mexico, so I think it’s just something that he wants to do. His [AEW] deal is coming up relatively soon unless it’s extended or something because of time off for injuries or whatever. But he thinks his deal’s up pretty soon, so he wanted to go back [to CMLL] in case he ends up going to WWE. He’s not made a decision [about] what he’s doing next. He’s not signed a new deal, but if he does go to WWE, he knows he can’t go back to Arena Mexico,” Meltzer stated.