Video: Eddie Kingston Appears On Debut Episode Of AEW Meal & A Match

The debut episode of AEW Meal & a Match is now available on TBS’ YouTube channel. Renee Paquette and RJ City co-host the show. This week, they welcomed Eddie Kingston as their guest.

Kingston broke his two-month diet to appear on the show, demonstrating his tenacity.

On his expectations for Dallas food:

“Barbeque and mac and cheese, coleslaw (he pronounced it as cold slaw) and green beans…brisket and all that jazz.”

When asked if he’s a fan of hot sauce, Kingston replied, “Yeah, of course.” However, when RJ City revealed that he is not a “spice person,” Kingston was not pleased. “You don’t like hot sauce? What kind of man are you?”

Paquette asked about having barbeque as a pre-show meal. Kingston answered, “No. I’m gonna poop myself in the ring again? No, I’m not. There was one time I went to a wedding. A wedding the night before the show. We all had a couple of drinks, a little too much. I wrestled 2 guys and I said hey listen, things may get a little hairy out there so you know, be easy. They weren’t easy. I pooped myself.”

Much more was discussed during the show.

You can watch the first episode of AEW Meal & a Match below: