Why The Double WWE RAW Taping Was Tough For The Announcers

During his recent podcast, Jerry Lawler discussed the process of taping back-to-back episodes of WWE RAW back on December 16th:

“That was a long night. We had 20 matches.” Lawler started out. “We started, and I bet a lot of people didn’t realize… it would be hard to realize it but ordinarily, we were on central standard time so central time, the show would’ve started live on the air at 7 o’clock, but instead we started live in the arena at 6 o’clock, and so we started doing the show, and in order to be able to get both of these shows done in one night, we did the shows without commercial breaks, which made it even tougher on the announcers because a lot of the times, you depend on those commercial breaks to get a second wind or maybe clear your throat or whatever and just let your voice take a break during the little two-minute commercial breaks, but we had no commercial breaks.”

Lawler continued that “While that was still airing on the USA Network as if it were live, we had already started another hour of the following week’s show, the Christmas show. Everything was so rushed. It was so crazy.”