Will Ospreay Opens Up About Being A Wrestler With Autism

Earlier this year, AEW star Will Ospreay revealed that he has autism and ADHD. While speaking to The UK Metro, Ospreay talked more about being a wrestler with autism:

“I feel like it’s excelled my abilities to the point where I do think I’m at a superhero level, super genius level of pro wrestling now. But I honestly don’t know. The truth is, I take every single day as it comes. I do feel like this has helped me out so much because it helped me dive into something that I genuinely love, and I think about constantly and I want everyone else to feel the same love that I feel.”

“But in the same way, I do understand when people see someone and go, I’ve got the same thing as you do and you’re on this stage. So like I do get it. And like, the goal was never gonna be an electrician or a good one anyway, I’ve blown up about four or five kitchens. [laughs] But like I was just obsessed and like I had like a fixation on wrestling.”

“If anyone is struggling with that and is struggling to find their joy and their happiness, because they feel like this is holding you back – don’t let it hold you back. Look straight ahead at where you want to get to and then you’ll find a way of getting there.”