Willow Nightingale On The Stakes Being Higher For This Year’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament

AEW star Willow Nightingale recently spoke with Good Karma Wrestling on a number of topics including the stakes being higher for this year’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

Nightingale said, “I’m in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. I did win that last year, but last year, the stakes were not as high. I think I won the tournament, and for me, it was kind of more like a statement. This year, there’s stakes of going to Wembley, which I did not get to do last year, which was a big chip on my shoulder for the second half of the year. So I want to go to Wembley, I want to wrestle for the Women’s World Championship because I have not done that, and that is definitely a big goal of mine. Winning there would be beautiful, dream moment, chef’s kiss. That’s the big one for me right now.”

You can check out Nightingale’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)