WWE Employees Have Given Up Trying To Defend Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has left WWE following the lawsuit filed against him by former WWE employee Janel Grant, which included allegations of sex trafficking, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. He denied the allegations and resigned as TKO’s Executive Chairman.

Ronda Rousey ripped McMahon in her autobiography. She previously stated that McMahon will continue to have a voice in the business through longtime WWE executive Bruce Prichard, who has been a strong supporter of McMahon over the years.

In a recent interview, she ripped Prichard and the company, making it clear that she has no intention of returning. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that even those who previously defended McMahon when the suit first appeared have essentially given up on him.

Meltzer said, “If you think of Ronda Rousey, her background, her mindset, and her reading this lawsuit, you know, it’s pretty easy to see she’s going to be infuriated by that lawsuit. Most women were pretty repulsed that read it, including in the company. There are people in the company who looked at that thing, and the first thing they tried to do was defend him and this and that. A lot of people did not try and defend him at all within the company. I mean, people who were even in the situation where they’ve been defending other people in the company to me, nobody bothers to try and defend Vince to me. It’s almost like they’ve thrown in the towel on him. It’s like, ‘he’s gone, and we can’t even try to defend him.’”