WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 1 Review – April 6, 2024

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WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 1 Review – April 6, 2024

Women’s World Title Match
Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Rhea Ripley slams Becky Lynch’s head into the top turnbuckle to start this match but Lynch fights back by wrenching Ripley’s arm over the top rope.

Lynch & Ripley slug it out in the middle of the ring but Ripley slams Lynch face first to the mat. Ripley works over Lynch in the corner but eats a boot to the chest.

Ripley goes for a vertical suplex but Lynch counters into an inside cradle for a two count.

Ripley whips Lynch to the ropes and levels her with a dropkick then Ripley takes Lynch up top but Lynch regains control with an arm drag out of the corner.

Lynch continues the assault with a springboard tornado DDT and follows up with a leg drop onto the apron.

The action spills to the outside and Lynch hits a Bexploder suplex into the barricade.

Lynch rolls Ripley back into the ring and goes for the Dis Arm Her but Ripley blocks.

Lynch goes for an arm bar but Ripley gets her feet under counters into a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Ripley lands a big boot and gets another two count.

Ripley & Lynch slug it out in the middle of the ring, but Lynch posts Ripley in the corner.

Ripley catches Lynch in Prism Trap and then applies the body scissors but Lynch rolls Ripley into a pinning predicament to force Ripley to break the hold.

Ripley goes for Riptide but Lynch counters into Manhandle Slam for a two count.

Ripley finally hits Riptide but Lynch kicks out at two then Ripley heads up top but Lynch hits the ropes to make Ripley lose her balance.

Lynch heads up top with Ripley & hits a superplex and rolls into the Dis Arm Her.

Ripley gets her legs under her flips to the outside with Lynch on her shoulders and hits an electric chair drop on the outside. Ripley rolls Lynch back into the ring and heads up top.

Ripley hits frog splash but again only gets a two count.

Ripley & Lynch head up top and Lynch goes for a Manhandle Slam from the middle rope but Ripley blocks.

Ripley hits Riptide into the turnbuckles and then follows up with a 2nd Riptide in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s World Champion: Rhea Ripley (17:09) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Fatal 6 Way Ladder Match
Judgement Day (Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest & Finn Balor) (c) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. Awesome Truth (The Miz & R Truth) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. A Town Down Under (Austin Theory & Grayson Waller) vs. New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate)

All 6 teams brawl to start this match then the action spills to the outside.

A Town Down Under grab ladders and go after both sets of the Tag Team Titles but the other competitors rush the ring to stop their progress.

Damian Priest tries to splash Bate through a ladder but Bate rolls off the ladder and Priest crashes into it.

Bate airplane spins Finn Balor and a ladder and takes out Kofi Kingston in the process.

The action spills back to the outside and New Catch Republic hit moonsaults from the top of a ladder to all of the other competitors.

Judgement Day double team The Miz in the ring but R Truth gets the hot tag in a match with no tags.

A Town Down Under clear the ring and retrieve the SmackDown Tag Team Titles to become the new champions.

Raw Tag Team Titles still hang above the ring so the match continues as New Catch Republic powerbombs Waller over the top rope through the ladder bridge.

DIY retrieve 2 tables from under the ring and set them up at ringside as Truth does the same near the announce table.

DIY try to suplex Xavier Woods off the apron and through the tables but Kingston makes the save.

Kingston holds Ciampa on a ladder while Woods connects with a springboard elbow drop.

Kingston climbs a ladder and hits a Trust Fall to the outside onto multiple competitors.

Austin Theory climbs but gets stopped by New Catch Republic. Bate & Tommaso Ciampa climb but Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash from the top of the ladder.

Truth climbs but JD McDonagh charges into the ring and pulls Truth back down to the mat & hitting Devil Inside.

Balor & McDonagh climb a ladder but New Day tip the ladder and send McDonagh through 2 tables.

Priest hits Kingston with a Razor’s Edge onto a chair and climbs a ladder but Miz climbs the other side.

Priest goes for South Of Heaven but the ladder is too unstable to hit it effectively.

Priest sets up a 2nd ladder but Truth tips the ladder and dumps Priest to the outside.

Truth climbs the ladder and retrieves the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Winners & New Smackdown Tag Team Champions & Raw Tag Team Champions: A Town Down Under & Awesome Truth (17:21) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!) (A Town Down Under wins the Smackdown Tag Team Titles & Awesome Truth wins the Raw Tag Team Titles)
Rate: 7

Tag Team Match
Latino World Order (Rey Mysterio & Dragon Lee) vs. Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar

Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar start the match but Dominik Mysterio gets the tag and goes right after Rey. Andrade get the tag and sends Dominik to outside.

Rey climbs onto Andrade’s shoulders on the apron and they hit a double diving crossbody onto Dominik & Escobar on the outside.

The action returns to the ring with Rey & Escobar as the legal men.

Dominik gets the tag and connects with a slingshot senton for a two count.

Dominik locks in a front face lock on the mat but Rey fights back to his feet.

Dominik levels Rey with a spinning back elbow shot and makes the tag to Escobar.

Escobar takes Rey up top and tries to rip off Rey’s mask before Escobar ties up Rey in the tree of woe and kicks him in the ribs.

Escobar locks in an abdominal stretch but Rey fights out and hits a Code Red.

Andrade & Dominik get the tags and Andrade hits a Dragon Screw followed by double knees in the corner.

Andrade heads up top and goes for a moonsault but Dominik rolls so Andrade lands on his feet and connects with a standing moonsault.

Rey & Escobar get the tags and Rey hits 619 as Andrade takes out Dominik with a moonsault to the outside as Escobar heads up top with Rey.

Escobar hits a hurricanrana from the top rope but only gets a two count.

LWO & Legado Del Fantasma brawl at ringside as Escobar hits double knees to Rey in the corner. 2 huge masked men emerge from the crowd and attack Escobar & Dominik.

They roll Escobar & Dominik back into the ring and Rey hits a double 619 & connects with a top rope diving splash to Escobar to score the win.

Winners: Latino World Order (11:02)
Rate: 6

After the match the masked men celebrate with the LWO and reveal themselves to be Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso

Jey Uso connects with a suicide dive onto Jimmy Uso before the match even begins.

Jey rolls Jimmy into the ring and that allows the referee to officially start the match.

Jey charges at Jimmy and goes for something that looks like a Sling Blade but he lands very awkwardly.

Jimmy hits a pair of hip attacks in the corner and follows up with a basement superkick.

Jimmy lands a superkick with Jey propped up against the ropes and then heads up top.

Jimmy goes for an Uso Splash but Jey rolls out of the way.

Jey & Jimmy slug it out in the middle of the ring but Jimmy lands a superkick and a low uppercut. Jey lifts Jimmy but Jimmy slides out and hits another superkick.

Jimmy & Jey trade superkicks but neither of them will go down.

Jey hits a pair of superkicks in the corner and Jimmy crumbles to the mat.

Jey goes for another superkick but Jimmy begs him to stop.

Jey pulls up short and Jimmy says he’s sorry for everything.

Jey helps Jimmy to his feet but Jimmy hits a superkick and follows up with an Uso Splash for a two count. Jimmy charges at Jey but Jey catches him with a Spear.

Jey heads up top and hits an Uso Splash of his own for the win.

Winner: Jey Uso (11:07)
Rate: 5

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Damage CTRL (Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane & Asuka & Dakota Kai) vs. Bianca BelAir, Jade Cargill & Naomi

Kairi Sane & Naomi starts the match and Naomi connects with a basement dropkick in the corner.

Naomi hits a roundhouse kick over the top rope but Sane fights back with an Insane Elbow to Naomi on the outside.

Asuka gets the tag and slugs it out with Naomi in the middle of the ring.

Asuka makes the tag to Dakota Kai as Naomi makes the hot tag to Bianca BelAir.

BelAir cleans house and hits a vertical suplex to Sane.

BelAir works over both Asuka & Sane in the corner then press slams Sane onto both Asuka & Kai.

BelAir connects with a handspring moonsault onto Damage CTRL but only gets a two count.

Kai makes the tag to Asuka & Asuka hits a sliding knee for a two count.

BelAir makes the hot tag to Jade Cargill & Cargill chokeslams Asuka.

Sane heads up top up top and dives at Cargill but Cargill catches her in the air.

Kai gest the tag as Asuka accidentally hits Sane with the poison mist and that gives Cargill the chance to hit Kai with Jaded for the win.

Winners: Bianca BelAir, Jade Cargill & Naomi (8:03)
Rate: 6

Intercontinental Title Match
Gunther (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn circles Gunther to start this match but Gunther easily muscles Zayn to the corner. Gunther goes for a chop but Zayn covers up so Gunther pie faces him instead.

Gunther catches Zayn with a German suplex and follows up with a chop.

Gunther hits Zayn with another chop and is firmly in control. Gunther lays Zayn on the top turnbuckle again chops the chest.

Zayn fights back with a running clothesline then beats Gunther to the ropes with a volley of punches. Zayn hits a half & half suplex but can’t keep Gunther down.

Zayn catches Gunther with a tornado DDT and goes for Helluva Kick but Gunther catches Zayn with a sleeper to counter.

Gunther drags Zayn to the mat but Zayn fights back to his feet.

Zayn also makes it to the ropes so Gunther releases the sleeper and hits a German suplex.

Zayn fights back with an exploder suplex into the corner and goes for Helluva Kick but Gunther counters with a dropkick.

Gunther hits a massive powerbomb but Zayn kicks out at two.

Gunther hits a big boot in the corner but Zayn fights back with a Helluva Kick for a two count. Zayn goes for another Helluva Kick but Gunther counters with a clothesline.

Gunther hits two consecutive powerbombs but Zayn miraculously kicks out at two.

Zayn drags himself back to his feet but Gunther immediately levels him with a clothesline.

Gunther hits yet another powerbomb and heads up top.

Gunther connects with a diving splash and heads right back up top.

Gunther hits another diving splash and starts to head back up top but Zayn catches him with a Helluva Kick.

Zayn hits a Brainbuster from the top rope and connects with another Helluva Kick.

Zayn hits 1 more Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner & New Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn (15:29) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

Tag Team Match
The Bloodline (Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & The Rock) vs. World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & 2024 Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes

If The Bloodline wins the Night 2 Match under Bloodline Rules.

If Rollins & Rhodes win The Bloodline is banned from ringside.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns start the match by locking up and Reigns quickly grabs a standing side head lock. Reigns hits the ropes and drops Rollins with a shoulder block.

Rollins lands a kick to the gut and makes the tag to Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes catches Reigns with an arm wringer but eats a clothesline in the corner.

Reigns locks in a standing side headlock but Rhodes fights back with forearm shots to the jaw. Rhodes locks in a standing side headlock and Rollins makes the blind tag.

Reigns tags The Rock into the match and The Rock circles Rollins.

The Rock locks up with Rollins muscles him to the corner and kicks him in the gut.

The Rock levels Rollins with a clothesline and tells Rhodes to just bring it.

Rhodes gets the tag but Rock muscles him to the corner. Rhodes responds with a kick of his own and an uppercut from the mat.

Rhodes works over Rock in the corner then all 4 men charge into the ring to stare each other down once again.

A brawl erupts and the action spills to the outside. Reigns beats Rhodes up the ramp as Rollins hits The Rock with the ringside hydration station.

Rollins tosses the Rock into the crowd and beats him through the audience. Rhodes hits Reigns with a suplex on the stage as The Rock hits Rollins with a trash can in the crowd.

Rollins tosses the Rock back to the ringside area as Rhodes and Reigns brawl back toward the ring as well.

Rollins rolls the Rock back in to the ring but Reigns catches Rollins with a chop block from behind.

The Rock rolls Rollins back into the ring and slams his knee into the mat.

The Rock pulls Rollins to the corner and slams his knee into the ring post.

Reigns gets the tag and slams Rollins’ head into the top turnbuckle. Reigns locks in a single leg Boston Crab but Rollins rolls to his back and kicks Reigns in the face to break the hold.

Rollins clotheslines Reigns to the outside and heads to the floor but The Rock whips Rollins into the ring steps. Reigns rolls Rollins back into the ring and makes the tag to The Rock.

The Rock whips Rollins to the corner and Rollins’ back slams into the turnbuckle.

Reigns gets the tag and continues to work over Rollins in the corner.

Reigns goes for Superman Punch but Rollins counters into a neckbreaker.

The Rock gets the tag and prevents Rollins from tagging Rhodes.

The Rock low blows Rollins but the referee lets it go so that The Rock won’t have him fired.

The Rock pounds on Rollins in the middle of the ring but Rollins drops the Rock with an enzuigiri.

Reigns gets the tag but Rollins dumps him to the outside. Rollins goes for the tag but Reigns pulls Rhodes off the apron.

The Rock locks in the Sharpshooter on Rollins in the middle of the ring but Rhodes charges into the ring to break the hold.

Rollins connect with Curb Stomp to The Rock and finally makes the hot tag to Rhodes as The Rock tags Reigns. Rhodes powerslams Reigns and follows up with a Disaster Kick.

Rhodes hits Cody Cutter but only gets a two count.

Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes but Reigns counters into a Superman Punch.

Reigns goes for the Spear but Rhodes counters into a sunset flip. Rhodes hits a top rope Cody Cutter and makes the blind tag to Rollins in the process.

Rollins works over Reigns and makes the tag back to Rhodes before Rollins hits Curb Stomp and Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes.

The referee begins to count but The Rock pulls the referee out of the ring. Reigns low blows Rhodes and hits the spear. The referee slides back into the ring to make the count but Rhodes kicks out at two.

Reigns locks in the guillotine as the Rock holds Rhodes’ feet but Rollins breaks the hold with Curb Stomp to Reigns.

The Rock gets the tag and slugs it out with Rhodes in the middle of the ring.

Rhodes hits Bionic Elbow but eats a spinebuster from The Rock.

The Rock goes for the People’s Elbow but Rhodes catches him with a Disaster Kick.

Rhodes set up for Cross Rhodes but Reigns makes the save with a Superman Punch.

Reigns goes for a spear but Rollins pushes Rhodes out of the way and Reigns spears The Rock by mistake.

Rhodes & Rollins hit Reigns & The Rock with stereo Pedigrees but Reigns & The Rock kick out at two.

The action spills to the outside and The Rock sets up the Spanish Announce table for carnage.

The Rock dumps Rhodes onto the announce table then climbs onto the table with him.

The Rock sets up for a Rock Bottom but Rollins grabs the Rock’s leg.

Rhodes Rock Bottoms the Rock from one announce table through the other announce table then Reigns spears Rollins through the barricade.

Rhodes rolls The Rock back into the ring but The Rock makes the tag to Reigns.

Rhodes & Reigns slug it out in the middle of the ring but Rhodes catches Reigns with Cross Rhodes.

Rhodes hits 2nd Cross Rhodes but then The Rock cheap shots Rhodes with his weight belt from behind. Reigns hits a spear and tags The Rock.

The Rock hits Rock Bottom and follows up with Peoples Elbow for the win.

Winners: The Bloodline (44:34) (Since The Bloodline won the Night 2 is under Bloodline Rules)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)