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It would appear that WWE has parted ways with SmackDown Superstar Tyler Reks as he is now listed on the company’s website Alumni section. As WWE infrequently announces talent departures, this is often seen as a sign that a talent has been parted ways with the sports-entertainment organization. Reks had recently tried out a new gimmick. Two weeks ago on SmackDown, he and tag team partner Curt Hawkins talked to General Manager Booker T about landing a spot on the program. After being told to “step it up,” the duoRead More

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WWE Superstars React To CM Punk Kicking Jerry Lawler, Punk Comments

- WWE Champion CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter after attacking Jerry Lawler at the end of last night’s RAW. This is a reference to Lawler’s infamous feud with the late Andy Kaufman. Punk wrote: “I did it for Andy Kaufman.” – Some of the WWE Superstars shared their thoughts on Punk’s kick to Lawler: Heath Slater: “I think @CMPunk is in the right. If the @WWEUniverse doesn’t respect him. Make Them!” Tyson Kidd: “Not so sure I agree with @CMPunk . Respect is earned not commanded. Great talentRead More

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The Cahoon Run Down – Random WWE Thoughts (Again!)

Well everybody. I tried. I tried to come up with an actual article topic for this week. I always feel like I’m copping out a bit when I do these “Random Thoughts” columns (Though they are fun to write). I try to keep things current, but with the product in such a slump right now, I just can’t write a fleshed out article about any of the stuff currently going on in WWE. So enjoy, once again, Random Thoughts. The Miz as IC Champ (Losing Constantly): So in the lastRead More
- David Otunga is being advertised for WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia scheduled from August 30 to September 1. This could be his first appearance since filming the WWE Studios movie “The Hive” with Halle Berry. John Laurinaitis has also been advertised for the tour, but was recently removed from the list of superstars on the WWE Live Events Page. Laurinaitis serves as a producer/agent at WWE live events, so he could still appear whenever needed. – Curt Hawkins has posted a new video on Tout challenging to his formerRead More
- Former WWF play-by-play announcer, Sean Mooney returned to WWE on the 1000th episode of Raw. Mooney conducted a backstage interview with Daniel Bryan. – WWE’s 100,000,000th social media follower Alex Guerrero, Jr. was honored on the 1000th episode of Raw. WWE gave Guerrero tickets to the show and was interviewed by Michael Cole. – “The Muppets” Fozzie Bear was featured in a pre-tape on Raw 1000. He introduced a clip of top catchphrases over the years on Monday Night Raw. – “Mean Gene” Okerlund appeared on the 1000th episodeRead More

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*Spoilers* Partial WWE Superstars Taping Results For 7/26

WWE taped the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars tonight from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Below are full results: WWE Superstars: Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins after Kidd pinned Reks. Zack Ryder defeated Michael McGillicutty with a Ruff Ryder off the ropes for the win.Read More

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AJ Honored To Work MITB, Ryback vs. Reks & Hawkins Storyline

- Former WWE developmental head trainer Dr. Tom Prichard has released his new book – “A Pro Wrestling Curriculum; Advice, Suggestions and Stories to Help the Aspiring Pro Get to the Next Level.” The book is available for $29.95 at Prichard noted that he has no interest in writing an autobiography right now. – Tyler Reks has been teasing that he and Curt Hawkins aren’t finished with Ryback yet. Reks wrote on Twitter: “Gave that gorilla @Ryback22 a run for his money 2nite. Is this over? Watch RAW 2morrowRead More
- Former ECW star Chris Chetti turns 38 years old today and as previously reported, Bobby Lashley turns 36. – Tyson Kidd wrote the following on Twitter last night after his Money in the Bank performance: “Whole body is sore, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Left every last ounce in that ring tonight. Crowd was phenomenal” – Curt Hawkins wrote the following on Twitter about Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank win: “Real proud of @HEELZiggler tonight …He’s been my favorite wrestler for a long time now.Read More

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Kofi Kingston, JR, Lilian Garcia & More React To WWE No Way Out

Here are WWE Superstars reactions from Sunday’s WWE No Way Out pay-per-view, posted on their Twitter accounts: Rosa Mendes: I can’t tell you how disgusted I am!! AW is nothing but a fraud, I knew we couldn’t trust him! This isn’t over! Ricardo Rodriguez: #AngerRising Tamina Snuka: #WWE No Way Out… Yaaaay JTG: LET’S GO @HEELZiggler ! ! ! Curt Hawkins: I’m happy for a few friends in that match that got to shine on PPV but the @WWE left the best team they have at home tonight. #NoWayOut TrentRead More

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WWE Talent Responds To Tom Pritchard’s Departure

Some of the WWE talent commented via Twitter about Tom Pritchard’s departure from FCW: Curt Hawkins: “Heard some awful news today. Let’s just say that it’s a sad day for young aspiring professional wrestlers everywhere.” Sakamoto: “Today is very sad. But, I’ll do my best!” Seth Rollins: “Bittersweet day in Tampa. Painful goodbyes and exciting new beginnings #deadhorse”Read More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 5/30

WWE taped this week’s NXT from the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Below are full results: 
Dark Match – Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Hawkins. Ambrose came out and cut a short promo that drew good heat, but it was not a great promo. He won with the rear naked choke chicken wing. WWE NXT Taping – Matt Striker and William Regal came out for NXT. – Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins out to no heat. Looks like they’ll be facing the Usos. Nice pop for them withRead More

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Several WWE Superstars & Divas React To WWE Over The Limit

The following are tweets from wrestlers, divas, legends and other wrestling personalities reacting to WWE Over The Limit: Christian: “Felt great to get back.. I dedicate my win tonight to my all time favorite IC champ #MachoMan #OohYeah #OverTheLimit” Chris Jericho: “Amazing Fatal FourWay match and crowd tonight in Raleigh! That’s what this biz is all about kids… #overthelimit” Layla: “Yaaayy!! Still Divas Champ!! #overthelimit Muaaahhzzzzz” Joey Styles: “I’m a big fan of @TheBethPhoenix’s new gear. She’s in the best shape of her career. “Pin-Up Strong” should make a comeback.Read More

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The Big Show Returns At Over The Limit, Hawkins & Reks Latest

- The Big Show returned at Sunday’s WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view after his storyline firing last week on Raw. Show knocked out John Cena, allowing John Laurinaitis to earn the victory in the evening’s main event. – Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks were at Sunday’s PPV, confiscating anti-Laurinaitis signs at Eve’s request. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks had their profiles re-added on, along with their return to NXT. Their profiles were originally removed after their storyline firing on NXT. – Click here to view photos from WWE OverRead More

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Laurinaitis On Reks & Hawkins, Jake Roberts In New Horror-Comedy

- The WWE house show at the Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas has been moved to July 6th, 2012. It’s original date was the 20th of July. – The April 21st episode of WWE’s AM RAW scored a 0.65 rating with 716,000 viewers. – WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts appears in a new horror-comedy movie called Little Creeps. The movie premieres at Rave Cinemas in Flint, Michigan this Wednesday night at 7:30pm. Call 810.208.LYON for ticket information. – As noted before, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins failed to getRead More

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Christian’s WWE Future, Three Stooges Knocks WWE, Curt Hawkins

- Here is a quote from Christian in the new WWE Magazine about his future with the company: “My work here isn’t done by any stretch of the imagination. Even though I’m a veteran, I still have a lot to strive for and a lot to work for. I haven’t gotten a lot of things, or done some of the things that I feel I need to do yet.” – Three Stooges actor Sean Hayes was on Conan this week and joked about hosting WWE RAW last week. He saidRead More

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Baretta Responds To His Cryptic Tweet, Otunga-US Title Shot, More

- David Otunga teased on Twitter that he may get a WWE United States Title shot under the new “Team Johnny Era” that is set to begin on RAW.   - The Usos vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins will take place on this week’s WWE Superstars.   - WWE Superstar Trent Baretta responded to speculation on his cryptic tweet after WrestleMania 28. Baretta wrote Monday afternoon: “Wrestlemania after party has an oyster bar. Spots are earned. Grow up internet.” Here’s what he wrote after WrestleMania: “This is the timeRead More

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Next Week’s Raw Supershow, The Rock’s Training, Undertaker

- WWE will be taping some matches for the go-home WrestleMania edition of SmackDown at next week’s RAW Supershow from Atlanta. The rest of SmackDown will be made up of footage from Axxess. – Curt Hawkins has been the main guy training with The Rock to help get him in ring shape for the WrestleMania 28 match against John Cena. – Back on the March 12th RAW Supershow, The Undertaker messed up and said WrestleMania was on April 21st instead of April 1st. It was noted that a sign ofRead More

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*Spoilers* Full WWE Superstars Taping Results For 11/10

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday on * Justin Gabriel b. Curt Hawkins * Alex Riley b. Michael McGillicutty * Daniel Bryan beat William Regal in the match of the night so far, exciting, fans into it and great.Read More
The Sharpshooter Press conducted an interview with former WWE talent Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer). Highlights are as follows: ECW: “ECW was a great place for new WWE stars to establish themselves with WWE Univ. Look at some of the top stars now with WWE. They started on ECW and are now working the top spots on the other brands. Unfortunately for me and some others. ECW was ended and so the opportunities it provided for many of us. I believe if ECW had continued that I would have beenRead More