Adam Copeland Set To Undergo Surgery

Following their Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match at the AEW Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday night, AEW TNT Champion Adam Copeland and Malakai Black were very worried.

It was a violent match in which chairs, tables, barbed wire, and other weapons were used. During it, Copeland performed an elbow drop off the top of the cage, landing badly on his legs and colliding with Black, who was on a table. Copeland’s whereabouts have been a source of speculation since the fight.

As seen below, Copeland took to social media to announce that he had fractured his tibia and would need surgery. Copeland complimented Black on being an animal.

He stated, “I guess the house always does win because I gained two new friends [showed crutches]. I don’t really like them. They’re like those buddies that just annoy you, but they’re always there….anyway, I’ve been feeling really good lately. Been having so much fun in the ring, and I got cocky, I guess, is what it really boils down to, and I’m probably a narcissist and an ego-maniac, and I’ll unpack that one day. My brain forgets what my body always seems to remember a little late is that I’m 50, and I need to make better choices. So my body pulled the emergency break on me the other night, and I ended up fracturing my tibia, which is going to require surgery. Don’t know the time frame on that yet. Ruby’s birthday is on Friday so I really want to enjoy that.”

He also stated that they will have a better timeframe for surgery next week. We wish him speedy recovery.