AEW Collision Results – March 16, 2024

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns tonight from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on TNT at 8/7c with the latest installment of their weekly Saturday night prime time two-hour program, AEW Collision.

On tap for tonight’s show is an appearance by Adam Copeland, Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata, Kyle O’Reilly vs. “The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith, Julia Hart vs. Trish Adora for the TBS Women’s Championship, The Infantry vs. The House of Black, Zak Knight vs. Cool Hand Ang and more.

Featured below are complete AEW Collision results from Saturday, March 16, 2024. The following report was written by reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-10pm EST. on TNT.


This week’s show immediately starts off live inside the Canadian Life Centre in Ottawa, ONT., CN. with Tony Schiavone welcoming us as the camera pans the crowd.

Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata

We then hear the familiar sounds of Bryan Danielson’s theme song and out comes “The American Dragon” to kick off this week’s show with our first match of the evening. He settles inside the squared circle to a big pop from the Ottawa crowd.

Now the theme for his opponent plays and out comes Japanese star Katsuyori Shibata. We waste no time and the bell sounds to get this one officially off-and-running. Fans chant “Holy sh*t!” before the two even touch. Nigel McGuinness points out on commentary that this is a legitimate dream match.

The two lock up and split chants for each guy from the crowd breaks out. We see Danielson take Shibata down and back off and look at him. Shibata does the same. Danielson starts working in some kicks. Shibata does the same. The two start working chain wrestling on the mat, with counters and reversals.

Danielson hooks Shibata’s legs for a surfboard, but instead stomps on the thighs and hamstrings of the Japanese star. Back standing, Danielson goes to work on Shibata’s arm, but Shibata fights back. Danielson counters back again and grounds Shibata. Shibata rolls and escapes an arm lock and then gets him in a bow and arrow.

Once again, Danielson escapes and now he locks Shibata in a bow and arrow. Shibata escapes and goes for the double wrist lock on “The American Dragon.” He lets go and the two shove each other back-and-forth a few times before trading chops and strikes.

Danielson ankle picks Shibata back down to the mat and stomps on his elbow. The two fight to the ring apron. Shibata hits a suplex from the ring apron, just dropping Danielson down below to the floor. Danielson sort of lands on his feet, but not really. Ouch. We head to a mid-match break on that note.

When we return from the break, we see some more hard-hitting back-and-forth action, including more close submissions from both guys. Danielson fires up and nearly gets the pin, but Shibata hangs in there. Shibata hits a big spot and nearly gets the win, but Danielson hangs on and eventually gets the pin out of nowhere. The fans give this a standing ovation. The two also shake hands after the match for a big pop.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Looking Back At Mercedes Mone’s Debut

We see a video recap of Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut appearance from the Dynamite: Big Business show from this past Wednesday night, including her involvement alongside Willow Nightingale in fighting off Julia Hart and Skye Blue to wrap up the show. We then head to another commercial break.

TBS Women’s Championship
Julia Hart (C) vs. Trish Adroa

As we settle back in from the break, the lights go out and the theme for Julia Hart plays. Out she comes for her House Rules defense of her TBS Women’s Championship in our second match of the evening here on this week’s show.

She settles inside the ring and her music dies down. The theme for her opponent plays and out comes Trish Adora for her big title opportunity. She heads to the ring and settles inside. Tony Schiavone informs us that the loser of this match will not get to go out later tonight in The House of Black vs. The Infantry Wild Card Tournament bout later tonight.

The bell sounds and this match is now officially off-and-running. We see Hart jump into the early offensive lead. She knocks Adora out to the floor and slams her into the barricade. We head to a mid-match commercial break. When we return, Hart hits a moonsault for the win. It is announced she and Skye Blue will take on Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale in a Street Fight on Rampage.

Winner and STILL TBS Women’s Champion: Julia Hart

Zak Knight Won’t Fight Cool Hand Ang Tonight

Backstage, we see Zak Knight and Harley Cameron. They are asked about the match Knight has scheduled for tonight against Cool Hand Ang. He says he’ll fight him, but not tonight in Canada.

Daniel Garcia vs. Lee Moriarty

Now back inside the arena, Daniel Garcia’s theme hits and out he comes as “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard joins the gang on special guest commentary for our next match of the evening. His theme dies down and now the music for his opponent plays.

Out comes Lee Moriarty with Shane Taylor by his side. He heads to the ring for what should be an excellent singles bout here in our third bout of the evening. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one.

Garcia takes the early offensive lead as Menard sings his praises. Garcia does his little dance after knocking Moriarty down. He ends up in a face-to-face with Shane Taylor at ringside, during which, Moriarty leaps on him from the ring to the floor for a big high spot.

Moriarty takes over from there and continues to work over Garcia as the action resumes inside the ring. He ties the ref up and Shane Taylor sneaks in a cheap shot for some cheap heat. Moriarty mocks Garcia’s little dance after that for even more cheap heat. Moments later, Garcia takes over and pulls off the win. We head to another break afterwards.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Darby Allin Out Of Action With Broken Foot

When we return, the commentators talk us through highlights of Darby Allin suffering a broken foot during his match with Jay White at AEW Dynamite: Big Business. We also see footage of the end of the Bang Bang Scissor Gang.

PAC vs. Aaron Solo

Back live inside the arena, the theme for PAC hits and out comes “The Bastad” for his return to singles competition in AEW. Fireworks and pyro explode as he makes his way down and heads to the ring for our next match of the evening.

Already in the ring is his opponent, Aaron Solo. The bell sounds and off we go with this one-on-one contest. Solo actually knocks PAC out of the ring to start things off, but PAC takes over back inside the ring and hits a Black Arrow and slaps on a submission for the win. After the match, he tells Tony Khan to find him trouble or he’ll find it himself.

Winner: PAC

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Lance Archer

We hear a quick message from Bryan Danielson backstage about how he and Katsuyori Shibata were both told they would never wrestle again, and years later are still able to do what they did tonight, and tear the house down in Ottawa. He tells Will Ospreay he’s not ready to go as far as he is when they meet at AEW Dynasty.

Back inside the arena, the theme for Claudio Castagnoli hits and out comes the Blackpool Combat Club member for our next match of the evening. He settles inside the ring and his music dies down. The theme for his opponent plays and out comes “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer. The bell sounds and off we go.

The two hit the ropes and shoulder block each other, trying to knock the other down but failing. They trade shots and then Castagnoli manages to hoist the big man up with relative ease and Donkey Kong him. On the floor, Castagnoli gets taken out by Archer who flips off the apron for a big splash. We head to a mid-match break.

When we return from the break, we see Archer is still dominating the action back inside the ring. Claudio fights back and hits his big swing, but as he does, The Righteous hit the ring and attack him, prompting the ref to call for the bell. Bryan Danielson runs out to make the save, but they guzzle him up as well. Shibata runs out with a chair to chase them off.

Winner via DQ: Claudio Castagnoli

Cool Hand Ang Reacts To Zak Knight Pulling Out Of Match

Backstage, Lexy Nair is standing by with Cool Hang Ang and Ruby Soho. She asks him about Zak Knight pulling out of their match tonight. Ang said he grew up right down the road and was pumped, because Zak has been asking for it for weeks.

He says if he’s not gonna give him a match, he will give him a fight, because he’s gonna go find him. Soho tells him they’re trying to bait him and he’ll have to go without her. He promises her he won’t. We head to another break after this.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. “The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith

When we return from the break, Vancouver’s own Kyle O’Reilly for his in-ring return. He settles in the ring to a big pop and his music dies down. The theme for his opponent plays next and out comes “The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

Keith starts off strong, but O’Reilly starts using Muay Thai strikes to take over. O’Reilly begins turning it up a notch and getting closer on pin attempts. We head into a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

As we settle back in from the advertising time out, we see O’Reilly looking to finish this one, locking in a triangle and other close submissions, only for “The Bounty Hunter” to take over. Keith pummels O’Reilly, who can barely stand up, but O’Reilly connects with a match-changing lariat.

O’Reilly follows up with an armbar for the win. He celebrates afterwards in front of his home country fans, when The Undisputed Kingdom rushes down to the ring. Roderick Strong hugs O’Reilly and then the trio hoist O’Reilly up on their shoulders and celebrate with him.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Deonna Purrazzo & Thunder Rosa With Message For “Timeless” Toni Storm & Mariah May

Lexy Nair is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa. She asks them about having no experience as partners heading into a match against a well-oiled unit in “Timeless” Toni Storm and Mariah May.

They talk about having experience against each other and vow to settle everything next week. After this wraps up, we hear that the Wild Card tourney bout between House of Black and The Infantry is up next. We head to another commercial break on that note.

Tag-Team Tournament Wild Card Match
The House Of Black vs. The Infantry

When we return from the break, the lights in the building go out and we see The House of Black make their way out to the ring with TBS Women’s Champion Julia Hart. Buddy Matthews and Brody King are representing the group in this Wild Card tournament bout.

The theme for their opponents hits and out comes The Infantry duo of Captain Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo. Remember, Trish Adora is banned from ringside due to Hart beating her earlier tonight. Before the match even officially gets started, we see The House of Black viciously attack The Infantry at ringside.

In the ring, the ref asks if they can continue. They say yes. The bell sounds and Brody King sprints across the ring and decks him. Buddy Matthews hits a big follow up and they go for the cover on Carlie, but the Captain breaks it up. We head to a mid-match commercial break on that note.

Adam Copeland Addresses “I Quit” TNT Title Match

It’s main event (segment) time!

After the tag-team title tournament wild card bout wraps up in shocking upset fashion, Tony Schiavone on commentary sends us into a video package hyping up next week’s “I Quit” TNT Championship showdown between longtime friends turned bitter rivals, Adam Copeland and Christian Cage.

When it wraps up, we return inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of Adam Copeland’s theme music. Out comes “The Rated-R Superstar” to a huge pop and fireworks and pyro, looking all business. He makes his way to the ring to close out this week’s episode of AEW Collision in Ottawa.

Copeland talks with a chair in the middle of the ring. He mentions how he never thought he’d get to be in front of the fans in Ottawa again. They pop. He says he never thought he’d get to wrestle in his hometown of Toronto next week. They boo. “Hey, it’s my home town!”

He takes a seat and addresses Christian Cage. He says he’s not going to call him Jey Reso, because he’s dead. He says they came into this business as friends and he always assumed they’d be friends after they were done in the business.

He says they talked about him coming to AEW and he mentions how he came here to end their careers together, not to take away his spotlight and his shine. He takes a quick shot at Nigel McGuinness on commentary as he continues. He talks about coming up short last time and earned his title shot with the Cope Open.

Copeland says during that time, he and The Patriarchy took him out with the Con-Chair-to, a move they created, so he says maybe it was fitting. He says while he was out he got a phone call from someone they knew in the past. He says he reminded him who he is.

He says he got to work and he created what he shows now, which is “Spike,” a wood board with nails sticking out of it. He calls it Spike and says Spike is hungry. He says the phone call from Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy worked because now he remembers who he is. He says he’s bottled that up and next Wednesday, he and Spike are going to let it out.

He claims Christian Cage is going to end his evening in the hospital. He vows to make Christian say two words that will make him ashamed to look his daughters in the eyes again. Those two words are “I QUIT!” He says 40 years after this all started in our hometown, it ends there. He drops the mic and his theme hits to end the segment. That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!