AEW Full Gear Review – November 18, 2023

AEW Full Gear Review – November 18, 2023

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Jay Lethal (Pre Show)

Eddie Kingston & Jay Lethal adhered to the Code of Honor handshake before Kingston clotheslines Lethal over the top rope to the floor.

Jeff Jarrett & Sonjay Dutt dared Kingston to come to ringside as Kingston turns around then Lethal rushes back to the ring to blindside him but Kingston saw him coming.

Both men traded chops as Kingston got the better of it then Lethal went back to the floor as Lethal pulls Kingston to ringside and ran him into the ring post. Lethal returns to the ring and did the strut while Jeff & Dutt did it on the apron.

Once Kingston was back in the ring Lethal distracted the referee then Dutt snuck in a cheap shot. Lethal suplexes Kingston into the corner then covers him for a two count.

Lethal threw chops at Kingston before came back with an exploder suplex before he hits Lethal with a series of chops in the corner then hits him with a running boot to the face before covering him for a two count.

Lethal came back briefly and went for Lethal Injection but Kingston counters it and hits a Saito suplex and a uranage slam before Dutt climbs onto the apron.

Kingston knocks Dutt off the apron and onto Jeff on the floor then Lethal took advantage of the distraction and puts Kingston down.

Karen Jarrett climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee as Kingston & Lethal crawled to reach a guitar that was left on the other side of the ring.

Ortiz appeared at ringside and nails the guitar over Dutt’s head before Kingston stuffs another Lethal Injection and counters into a half & half suplex before he follows up with a Spinning Backfist to get the win.

Winner & Still ROH World Champion: Eddie Kingston (10:53) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Kingston & Ortiz joins Renee Paquette & RJ City on the ramp. Kingston called Hathaway a baldheaded b*tch and thanks the LA crowd.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Buddy Matthews (Pre Show)

Buddy Matthews removes his jacket and teased turning back to his corner but he threw the jacket at Castagnoli and attacks him but Castagnoli recovers and set up for the giant swing but Matthews avoided it and darted to ringside.

Castagnoli followed Matthews to the floor where they took turns running each other into the barricade. Castagnoli caught Matthews with an uppercut then tossed Matthews back inside the ring.

Castagnoli caught Matthews with a big boot. Castagnoli set up for the swing again, but Matthews kicks him then Castagnoli tried again but Matthews rolls him into a pin for a two count. Castagnoli came right back with an uppercut and got a two count of his own.

Castagnoli eventually executed the giant swing as Matthews battles back and hits Jackhammer for a near fall before hooking in a crossface but Castagnoli powers up Matthews and hit him with a TKO.

Castagnoli followed up with a running uppercut and got a two count then follows up with another uppercut and a powerbomb before applying the Sharpshooter.

Matthews nearly reached the ropes but Castagnoli drags him back to the middle of the ring and forced him to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Claudio Castagnoli (10:28)
Rate: 7

After the match Matthews recovers and approached him as Castagnoli extended his hand but Matthews blew him off and bumps his shoulder into Castagnoli while exiting the ring. Castagnoli brushes off his shoulder and then did the you can’t see me hand gesture while Matthews heads to the back.

ROH World Tag Team Titles Match
MJF & Samoa Joe (c) vs. The Gunns (Austin & Coleton) (Pre Show)

MJF got the better of The Gunns then told Samoa Joe that he didn’t need his help so Joe tags himself in. MJF wasn’t happy. MJF & Joe punched The Gunns off the apron then Joe hits them both with a suicide dive.

Joe works over The Gunns inside the ring then made a friendly tag before Colten Gunn clotheslined MJF and brought him to the Gunns’ corner. Austin Gunn tags in and acts annoyed by Ass Boys chants.

The Gunns isolated MJF for a stretch before MJF sends The Gunns to ringside and crawls toward his corner. The Gunns returned but MJF eluded them and tags out.

Joe powerslams Austin and covers him for a two count then Joe places Austin on the top turnbuckle before MJF tags himself in and asked the crowd who wanted the Muscle Buster.

MJF went for Muscle Buster but Colten ran in and dropkicks him before The Gunns wanted to hit 3:10 To Yuma but MJF caught them with a double DDT.

MJF teased the Kangaroo Kick but Joe tags himself in. Joe & MJF spoke for a moment and then nodded. They both went for Muscle Busters but The Gunns slips away and shoved MJF and Joe into one another.

The Gunns hits 3:10 to Yuma on Joe then Colten went for the pin and the ref counted even though his legs were under the ropes but MJF pulls Colten to ringside to break the pin.

The Gunns roughed up MJF on the floor and sent him face first onto the ring post then The Gunns set up for 3:10 To Yuma.

Adam Cole’s entrance music played and he came out using crutches with his left foot in a cast. Joe put a distracted Coleton in the Coquina Clutch and got the submission win.

Winners By Submission & Still ROH World Tag Team Champions: MJF & Samoa Joe (9:26) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match MJF went to ringside and hugs Cole. MJF returns to the ring and went face 2 face with Joe as he spoke to him then shook his hand before exiting the ring. MJF played to the crowd and the knelt down and shook hands with Cole as he was at ringside. The Gunns attacked MJF.

Austin grabs a chair from underneath the ring. Colten held MJF’s leg while Austin slams a chair over it twice. They wrapped MJF’s leg in a chair and then Austin leapt from the middle rope onto it while a helpless Cole watched from ringside. The referee motioned for help. The trainers checked on MJF and then a stretcher was brought out. MJF was wheeled to the back and into an ambulance where he begs Cole not to let them take his AEW World Title. Cole promised that he wouldn’t let it happen.

Trios Match
The Patriarchy (TNT Champion Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne) vs. Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting

Darby Allin got the better of Nick Wayne to start this match then tags in Sting as he sent Wayne to the floor and follows. Sting ran Wayne into the barricade then tossed him back inside the ring.

Wayne quickly tags Christian Cage into the match as Sting points at Copeland then tags him in. Copeland & Cage stared across the ring from one another but then Cage tags in Luchasaurus to avoid facing Copeland. Allin ends up tagging back into the match.

Luchasaurus got the better of Allin then picks him up and chokeslams him aggressively over the top rope and onto the edge of the apron. Damn. Allin was isolated by The Patriarchy. Wayne tags in and mocks Ric Flair by looking at him while strutting.

Allin showed signs of life by knocking Cage & Luchasaurus off the apron but Wayne cuts him off. Allin bites Wayne’s hand then hits him with a sunset bomb as Allin crawled toward his corner.

Cage pulls Copeland off the apron and ran him into the barricade. Sting went after Cage but Luchasaurus took Sting out. Cage tags in and mocked Allin once he made it to his corner and his partners were down.

Copeland got back on the apron and Allin finally tags him & Copeland ran across the ring but Cage tags out and exits the ring before Copeland could get to him.

Copeland sent Luchasaurus to ringside then threw Wayne at him before Allin performed a suicide dive onto Luchasaurus & Wayne then Sting dove over Flair and onto Luchasaurus & Wayne on the floor.

Copeland set up for a spear once Luchasaurus was back inside the ring, but Luchasaurus grabs him by the throat. Sting & Copeland teamed up for a double team move that resulted in a Scorpion Death Drop.

Sting & Copeland held up Wayne in suplex position then Allin dove from the top rope onto Wayne. Luchasaurus recovers and tossed Allin into the corner then clotheslines the back of Copeland’s neck.

Cage jawed at Flair on the floor. Flair removed his jacket then hits Cage with a couple of punches and chops before Cage poked Flair’s eye then low blows him.

Cage brought the TNT Title into the ring while Luchasaurus held Copeland & Cage tried to hit Copeland with the TNT Title but he broke free and Cage hit Luchasaurus instead.

Copeland went after Cage but he exits the ring hops the barricade and ran away from the ringside area. Sting hit Luchasaurus with a Stinger Splash then Copeland spears Luchasaurus then Allin hit the Coffin Drop to get the win.

Winners: Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting (15:10)
Rate: 7

Tony Schiavone stood on the stage and spoke with referee Bryce Remsburg. Schiavone called for Bullet Club Gold to come out. Jay White came out holding the AEW World Title and claimed to be the AEW World Champion. Settle the hell down Schiavone said. Jesus, I’ve got work to do here. White told Schiavone to “tell them.”

Schiavone announced that MJF was injured and would not be able to defend the AEW World Title. He said the match was cancelled and was about to declare White the new AEW World Champion but he was interrupted by Adam Cole’s entrance music.

Adam Cole came out on crutches with his left foot in a cast. Cole told White that there was not a shot in hell that White was leaving the Forum with MJF’s title. Cole said that if MJF couldn’t defend the AEW World Title then he would defend the title for him. Cole said one leg or not the new main event would be White vs. Cole.

White laughed and said Cole must have hit his head or something. White recalls causing Cole’s head injury and said he would take him out for good while taking the AEW World Title.

International Title Match
Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jon Moxley

Orange Cassidy threw a forearm at Jon Moxley as he absorbed it then knocks Cassidy down with a forearm strike of his own.

Moxley took Cassidy to ringside and tossed him onto the broadcast table before hitting him with right hands. Moxley picks up Cassidy and dumps him abdomen first on the barricade.

Moxley pulls Cassidy back to ringside and brought him back inside the ring then Moxley puts the boots to Cassidy and then stood on him in the corner.

Moxley had Cassidy on the ropes and hit him with headbutts before Cassidy came back with a series of headbutts.

Moxley was superplexed by Cassidy then he follows up with a diving DDT from the ropes. Cassidy performed another DDT and went for the cover but Moxley kicks out immediately.

Cassidy threw kicks at Moxley but he no sold them as Moxley got back to his feet Cassidy flips him off. Moxley ends up at ringside and was hit by a suicide dive that left him lying on the broadcast table.

Cassidy punched Moxley as he returned to the ring and hits Moxley with another suicide dive.

Back inside the ring Moxley took a Stundog Millionaire and then threw a series of punches at Cassidy then he caught Moxley with Redrum but Moxley escapes and the top turnbuckle pad was removed. Moxley came back with a piledriver for a near fall.

Moxley taunted Cassidy by throwing light kicks at him before Cassidy put his hands in his pockets. Moxley charged Cassidy but moves causing Moxley to slam his head on the exposed turnbuckle.

Cassidy dropkicks Moxley to send him into the exposed turnbuckle again. Moxley got to his feet and stumbled as Cassidy hits Moxley with 3 Orange Punches and the 3rd one took him off his feet for a second.

Cassidy rolls Moxley into a pin for a two count. Cassidy hits Moxley with 3 more Orange Punches and follows up with Beach Break to get the win.

Winner & Still International Champion: Orange Cassidy (12:04) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli checks on Moxley. Trent Beretta joins Hook in congratulating Cassidy. Yuta intentionally bumped into Hook.

A video package aired to announce Mark Briscoe as an entrant in the Continental Classic.

Women’s Title Match
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Toni Storm

Toni Storm pulls out a script but then tore it in half before Shida & Storm traded forearm strikes to start the match then Shida went to work on Storm’s chest with chops before Storm eventually fired back with chops of her own.

Storm got a shoe from Lutha and held it up as she approached Shida referee Aubrey Edwards took the shoe away as Edwards was clearing the shoe from the ring Storm pulls out another one and hits Shida with it which led to a two count.

Shida came back and hit Storm with her own Storm Zero but she was too weary to make the cover. Shida hits Falcon Arrow a short time for a near fall.

Shida went up top and went for a Meteora as Shida rolls through when Storm avoided her. Shida came up selling a leg injury. Storm puts Shida in an ankle lock but Shida reached the ropes.

Storm removes Shida’s shoe and tried to hit her with it but Shida ducks it as Shida hits Storm & Shida’s shoe went flying into the crowd.

Storm ends up at ringside as Shida grabs her kendo stick and was going to hit Storm but Lutha stops her so Shida beat the hell out of Luther with the kendo stick.

Back in the ring Shida went for Katana but Storm blocks it and rolls her into a pin but Shida reversed it for a near fall.

Storm blocks a knee strike then hits a deadlift suplex before Storm places a plate from the butler’s tray in her tights then hits Shida with a hip attack in the corner to put Shida away.

Winner & New Women’s Champion: Toni Storm (10:25) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match the screen turned black & white. Mariah May came out with flowers and presented them to Storm.

Backstage Renee Paquette interviewed Eddie Kingston and asked him what was next. Kingston said she knew what was next and mentioned the tournament. Kingston said he would put the ROH World Title and the NJPW Strong Openweight Title on the line in every match he has in the tournament. He said the tournament winner would become a Triple Crown champion because they would also be the Continental Champion.

AEW World Tag Team Titles Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match
Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c) vs. Kings Of The Black Thorne (Brody King & Malakai Black) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (Dralistico & Rush) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) 

There was suplex spot from the ring onto a pile of wrestlers on the floor then Dax Harwood puts his head in the middle of a ladder then bashing everyone with it.

Dralistico made a play for the AEW World Tag Team Titles that were hanging but Cash Wheeler stopped him by turning the ladder over.

Rush mauled Wheeler and did the spot where he teases hitting Bulls Horns only to stop short before striking his tranquilo pose.

Wheeler came back with a powerslam on Rush then Wheeler made a play for the AEW World Tag Team Titles but Malakai Black cuts him off.

Wheeler got the better of Black momentarily before Black pulls the ropes to send a ladder that had been leaning against the ropes into the face of Wheeler.

Wheeler caught Black with a low blow while Black was on the ropes as Wheeler smirked then piledrove Black onto a ladder that was leaning on the bottom turnbuckle.

King went for a suicide dive but Bill held up a ladder that King crashed into then in the ring Starks hits Dralistico then Rush with spears. Starks did his rope walking bit while holding onto the arm of Wheeler then dove at Harwood.

Wheeler took a swing at Starks but he ducks it and suplexes him. Black caught Starks with an elbow and then charged at him but Starks backdrops him onto a ladder that was set up in the corner.

King returned to the ring and sent Starks onto the ladder then backdrops Harwood onto it before King performed a cannonball onto Harwood as he was leaning on the ladder.

King made a play for the AEW World Tag Team Titles but Bill tips his ladder over, which sent King crashing onto the ladder in the corner.

Dralistico got the better of Bill momentarily but Bill cut him off and chokeslams him. Rush ran a ladder into Bill in the corner then wedged it between the ropes in front of him. Rush plays to the crowd as he hits Bull’s Horns which drove the ladder into Bill.

Rush set up a ladder and went for the AEW World Tag Team Titles as Starks raced up the other side of the ladder and traded blows with Rush as Harwood set up a bigger ladder next to the main ladder then Wheeler set up another ladder on the other side of the main ladder.

Nobody remained on the ladders for long as King picks up Dralistico and stood on a ladder bridged over the ring and the barricade and gave him a Gonzo Bomb on the ladder.

With King on the ladder bridge Wheeler went up top and wobbled a bit before regaining his balance and then splashing King on the ladder. Harwood made a play for the titles but Starks climbed up the other side of his ladder and they traded blows.

Harwood slams Starks’ head on top of the ladder before Black & Wheeler got involved then Starks and Wheeler ended up on top of the ladder.

Starks slammed one of the hanging titles onto the head of Wheeler then pulls a title down and tossed it to Bill below him then pulled the other title down to win the match.

Winners & Still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Ricky Starks & Big Bill (20:09) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 7

TBS Title Triple Threat Match
Kris Statlander (c) vs. Julia Hart vs. Skye Blue

Julia Hart & Skye Blue works together early on before Kris Statlander suplexes Hart & Blue on the floor then back in the ring Hart & Blue hit simultaneous superkicks on Statlander.

With Statlander down Hart & Blue met in the middle of the ring and shook hands before Hart hits Blue to end the alliance. Blue put Hart down with a kick and covered her for a two count.

Statlander returns and worked over Hart & Blue as Statlander had Blue pinned but Hart broke it up with a senton. Statlander hoisted up Blue and slams her face first to the mat.

Statlander went up top for 450 Splash but Hart shoved her off the ropes to the floor then Hart went to the ropes and kicks Blue away.

Hart hits Blue with a top rope moonsault and had her beat but Statlander pulls Hart off of Blue from the floor. Hart charges Statlander but she powerslams her on the floor.

Blue caught Statlander with a kick to the face then in the ring Blue went for a running crossbody but Statlander caught her.

Blue escaped a Saturday Night Fever attempt and rolls Statlander into a pin for a two count before Blue came right back with a Code Blue for a good near fall.

Blue went for Code Blue but Hart returns and broke it up then puts Blue in Hartless but Statlander pulls Hart off and gave her a deadlift German suplex. Statlander hits the same move on Blue, then repeated the move on Hart & Blue.

Statlander hits Saturday Night Fever on Blue and went for the pin but Hart knocks Statlander off of Blue then stole the pin.

Winner & New TBS Champion: Julia Hart (11:22) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

Tony Schiavone stood in the ring to unveil the newest addition to the AEW roster. Will Ospreay made his entrance & He stops and pointed at a fan sign that read Ospreay Is All Elite before joining Schiavone inside the ring. Schiavone presented Ospreay with a contract which he signed.

Schiavone asked Ospreay how it felt. Ospreay said it felt good. He said he was happy to be part of the team. He said he had to get some bad news out of the way. He said he wasn’t coming in just yet. He said he was part of New Japan Pro Wrestling at age 22. He said he’s 30 now and begged the fans to let him finish up.

Ospreay said he will be on the road to Revolution and then I’ll be all yours. Ospreay looks into the camera and told Tony Khan to line up the best he has especially for Wembley Stadium. Ospreay said he was about to show what elite really looks like.

Texas Death Match
Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland

Hangman Page attacks Swerve Strickland to start the match then hits Buckshot Lariat before Page threw a chair at the face of Strickland.

Page wraps tape around the wrists of Strickland and then used a staple fun on his chest twice. Page grabs a piece of paper and stapled it to Strickland’s arm then stapled his arm again.

Page ran a chair into the side of Strickland’s head then plays to the crowd before Page stapled a piece of his son’s finger painting to Strickland’s face. Page laid underneath Strickland and let his blood fall into his mouth.

Page went to ringside and grabs a chair wrap in barbed wire from underneath the ring. Page tried to use the chair but Strickland kicks him in the nuts as Prince Nana cuts the tape from Strickland’s wrists.

Page used the staple gun 2 more times but Strickland just stared at him so Strickland used the staple gun on Page’s face. Strickland picks up the staple gun and smiled while stapling his own chest a few times. Strickland wedged the barbed wire chair in a corner of the ring then ran Page’s head into it.

Strickland pulls a cinderblock out from underneath the ring as the block ends up on the apron while Page & Strickland fought. Strickland pulls Page onto the apron with him.

Strickland bites Page’s head then hits him a Death Valley Driver onto the cinder block but Page beat the referee’s count. Strickland brought Page onto the top of the ringside barricade then piledrove him on top of it.

Strickland drank from a water bottle then poured some over his face before Page got back to his feet and was pull back inside the ring by Strickland.

Page rallied with a fallaway slam but he stays down so Strickland grabs a piece of barbed wire but Page grabs him and gave him another fallaway slam.

Page pressed the barbed wire on Strickland’s head and then used it to tie Strickland’s arm to his side. Page hits another fallaway slam as Strickland rolls to the floor.

Page grabs the barbed wire chair from the corner and then went up top and held it in front of him while performing a moonsault onto Strickland on the floor.

Strickland beat the ref’s count and was thrown back inside the ring by Page. Page had to kick Nana away before going for a Buckshot Lariat that Strickland avoided.

Page picked up the chair but Strickland boots the chair at Page’s face then picks up Page in tombstone position but Page reversed it and tombstone Strickland onto the barbed wire chair.

The referee counted with both men down as Page got to his feet first then Strickland got to his feet at 9 then Page slams the barbed wire chair over Strickland’s back.

Page places Strickland in a seated position on the top turnbuckle then stood on the middle rope and threw punches at him. Page set up for Deadeye but Strickland slips under him.

Strickland slams the barbed wire chair over Page’s back then follows up by powerbombing Page onto the barbed wire chair. Swerve went up top & hits Swerve Stomp on Page as was still lying on the barbed wire chair.

Strickland went to ringside and pulls a black bag out from underneath the ring & dumps glass from the bag onto the back of Page.

Strickland performed a top rope move onto Page’s glass covered black then follows up with JML Driver but Page got back to his feet at 9 so Strickland clotheslines Page over the top rope and both men tumbled to the floor.

Nana pulls a barbed wire board out from underneath the ring and slid it inside the ring. Strickland places the board over 2 chairs then went to the ropes and pulls Page up in front of him but Page fired elbows at Strickland as he was seated on the top rope.

Page bites Strickland’s forehead and they both went to the top rope & Page hits a fallaway slam moonsault onto the barbed wire board. Page shot right up and powerbombed Strickland onto the board.

Page got up again and hits Deadeye on to the barbed wire board then Page wraps a piece of barbed wire around Strickland’s head.

Page hits Buckshot Lariat then Nana pulls Strickland to the floor and into a standing position so that Strickland could beat the referee’s count.

Brian Cage ran in and attacks Page then puts Page down with Drill Claw then Cage pulls a table out from underneath the ring and set it up on the floor.

Cage set up for a powerbomb but Page used barbed wire to stop him before Page wraps the barbed wire around his hand and hit Cage with it and then hit him with a lariat.

Nana entered the ring and slams a chair over the back of Page but he no sold it. Nana tried to run but Page caught him on the apron.

Nana tried to humor Page by doing his dance so Page grabs Nana and gave him a Deadeye off the apron and through a table on the floor.

Strickland ran over and slams a cinderblock over Page’s back that caused the block to turn to near dust. Strickland smiled as he sat on the floor so the referee counts but Page got to his knees.

Strickland grabs a chain and wraps it around the neck of Page and then tossed the other end over the top turnbuckle. Strickland pulls on the chain to choke Page & he fell to the mat once Swerve released it. The referee counts Page down to end the match.

Winner: Swerve Strickland (29:46) 
Rate: 10 (Recommend)

Young Bucks’ AEW World Tag Team Titles Shot
Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (h) vs. Golden Jets (Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega)

If Golden Jets lose they must disband.

Kenny Omega hits an flip dive onto Matt Jackson before Nick Jackson took out Omega with a knee strike before Chris Jericho hits Nick with a springboard dropkick then Nick put Jericho’s arm behind the ring steps and kicked the steps twice.

Jericho hits Young Bucks with a double clothesline then sold his bad arm then Matt pulls Jericho’s arm into the ring post and continued to target it.

Young Bucks played to the crowd and were booed by the majority of the fans then Omega fought Young Bucks for a stretch and had some success. Jericho got involved again and Young Bucks continued to target his arm.

Matt tried to put Jericho in his own Walls Of Jericho but Jericho countered into a pin then Jericho came back with Walls Of Jericho. Nick set up to springboard onto Jericho but Omega stops him.

Jericho’s bad arm gave out allowing Matt to slip out of the hold then Matt kicks Jericho’s bad arm several times. Matt & Jericho traded strikes in the ring. Matt elbowed Jericho’s bad arm then Jericho caught Matt with a big boot.

Jericho went up top and jumps at Matt then Omega ran in then Matt grabs him and executed a double northern lights suplex. Nick suplexes Omega on the apron.

Jericho spiked Matt’s face on the mat then he went for a Lionsault but Nick stops him. Matt held Jericho over the middle rope and then Nick performed a flip from the ropes into senton onto Jericho then Matt covers Jericho for a two count.

Jericho came back and stood over Matt on the ropes then pulls him off with a hurricanrana & while the referee was checking on Matt Nick kicks Jericho in the balls as Omega protested.

When he turned around Matt kicks him in the balls before he hits Jericho with Judas Effect and had him pinned but Omega broke it up.

Matt hits a springboard flip dive onto Omega on the floor before Young Bucks hit Jericho with BTE Trigger then Matt covered Jericho while Nick stops Omega from returning but Jericho kicks out.

Young Bucks set up for a double team move but Omega held onto Nick while Jericho rolls up Matt for a two count. Jericho hits Nick in the balls then tags out.

Omega enters the ring and looked at Jericho leaning against the ropes on one side of the ring and Matt against the ropes on the other. Omega plays up which wrestler he would target and eventually hits Matt with a V Trigger.

Nick ends up hitting Omega with a poisonrana before Matt hits One Winged Angel on Omega then Nick covered him for a near fall then Young Bucks sets up for Meltzer Driver on Omega but Jericho broke it up.

Omega hits a German suplex on Matt for a near fall then sets up for V Trigger but Nick cuts it off with a superkick.

Young Bucks threw superkicks at Golden Jets before Omega hits a ripcord knee strike on Matt then hit him with One Winged Angel to get the win.

Winners & New #1 Contenders To The AEW World Tag Team Titles: Golden Jets (20:52)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

After the match Nick threw a fit and tossed a chair at ringside as he pulls the top piece off the broadcast table. Omega tried to offer Young Bucks a handshake but they wanted nothing to do with it. Matt took his shoe off and threw it in the direction of the broadcast table. Matt left the ring and slams a chair against the ring post repeatedly. Nick tossed his shoes into the crowd. Golden Jets held up their arms in the ring while Young Bucks continued to throw a tantrum at ringside.

Before the referee could call for the bell an ambulance siren could be heard. MJF was shown on the big screen driving an ambulance. The broadcast team assumed that MJF stole the ambulance. White & Cole both looked surprised. MJF limped onto the stage and a group of AEW officials tried to stop MJF from doing the same. MJF had his left calf heavily wrapped. MJF & Cole hugged.

AEW World Title Match
MJF (c) vs. Jay White

MJF threw a punch and fell over so Jay White tossed MJF to the floor then distracted the referee while The Gunns put the boots to him. White covers MJF once he was back inside the ring and got a two count.

White tossed MJF back to the floor so The Gunns went after him but MJF fought back but he was victim to the numbers advantage. The Gunns threw MJF back inside the ring where White covered him for another two count.

White sent MJF back to ringside again. The Gunns set up to hit his bad leg with a chair but they stopped when the referee spotted them so the referee ejected The Gunns from ringside.

White taunted Cole at ringside once he was back in the ring, White removed MJF’s t shirt and threw it at Cole. White threw punches at MJF as he calls him a piece of sh*t.

White kicked MJF’s leg out from under him before MJF caught White with an elbow and a clothesline then bodyslams him. MJF mounted White in the corner and threw punches at him and then bit his forehead.

MJF signaled for Kangaroo Kick then winced so MJF hits Kangaroo Kick to clear White from the ring then MJF ran the ropes for the dive but White returns to the ring and kicks his bad leg again.

White dominated MJF for a stretch before MJF fought back at ringside and drops White with a DDT. MJF cleared the broadcast table when he placed White on top of the table it collapsed. MJF opted to go up top and drop an elbow on White as he was on the floor.

The referee checked on both men then returned to the ring and started to count. MJF threw White back inside the ring when MJF tried to return to the ring White hits him with a dragon screw leg whip.

White put MJF in the tree of woe and took shots at him then White went up top above MJF and pulls back his kneepad but MJF sat up and suplexes White into the ring.

MJF pounded on the mat and then pulled himself up to the top turnbuckle. White hit MJF from behind. White went up top and performed a uranage, then covered MJF for a near fall. White threw chops at MJF, who got to his feet. White chopped MJF again, but MJF barked at him and called for more. White gouged the eyes of MJF, who returned the favor.

White came back with a flatliner and a release German suplex. White set up MJF for Blade Runner but MJF avoids it and rolls up White but he rolls him over then MJF rolls him over again for a two count. MJF puts White down with a Tombstone Piledriver. Cole shouted encouragement to MJF as both men got to their feet.

MJF went for Heat Seeker but White shoved him off with White on the apron MJF ran across the ring and jumps over the top rope and pulls White from the apron while executing a cutter when both men landed on the floor.

Cole encouraged MJF again. MJF rolled White inside the ring and covered him for a two count. MJF pulls the wrap from his calf then lowers his kneepad and banged on his knee.

MJF tried to pick up White from the mat but he released him and sold knee pain as MJF tried and failed again so the referee had the trainer check on MJF but he flips him off and told him no.

White executed a dragon screw then White spat at Cole then applied a Figure 4 as White threw punches at MJF’s bad knee. Cole clutched MJF’s t shirt and pondered whether to throw it in. MJF told Cole not to do it while he was still locked in the hold.

MJF nearly reached the ropes but White pulls him back to the middle of the ring as MJF ends up on his back and sat up at the referee’s two count.

MJF fought and eventually rolled over the Figure 4 but White eventually reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Cole grabs his ROH World Tag Team Title.

He tried to hit White with it but White took it away and hit MJF with it instead then White covered MJF for a near fall. White tried to pull MJF to the middle of the ring but MJF held onto the bottom rope.

White lost his grip and collided with the referee as Cole tried to give MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring but White stops MJF from getting it.

White took the ring and puts it on and tried to hit MJF with it but MJF hits him with a low blow.

The Gunns ran out but MJF hits both of them with Dynamite Diamond Ring shots then White went for Blade Runner but MJF avoids it and hits White with the ring to get the win.

Winner & Still AEW World Champion: MJF (29:44) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6