AEW Members Criticized Tony Khan For Not Stopping Kevin Sullivan’s Firing

The fallout continues, with AEW laying off Kevin Sullivan, Vice President of Post-Production, on Monday. Mike Mansury, Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer, made the decision.

As previously reported, many people in AEW held high regard for Sullivan, and many were disappointed by his departure. It was also stated that “the original AEW has changed greatly.”

He had previously worked for Impact Wrestling before joining AEW. In Nashville, he established AEW’s post-production team. The departure was a significant change in the company.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the move surprised many people in AEW, and Mansury told Sullivan that morning that they were going in a different direction in 2024.

Meltzer went on to say, “Sullivan had no idea it was coming and was given no real explanation as to why, just that it was a Mansury decision.”

The report went on to say that people in the AEW division had no idea Sullivan reported to Manysry, and that those in production claimed Mansury was never made clear as Sullivan’s boss.

People in production believe that no one else will be let go, despite the fact that everyone on the team is Sullivan’s.

According to the report, some criticized Tony Khan for failing to prevent this from happening during Sullivan’s tenure.

Another person said, “Another day one guy gone. Sad. Great guy. Worked tirelessly since the beginning. Really understood the original mission statement and feeling/image we were going for.” Others expressed their surprise about it.