Are The Creed Brothers The Future Of The WWE Tag Team Division?

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In August of 2021, the NXT tag team division changed forever when The Creed Brothers made their debut. At first, a part of the Diamond Mine stable headed by Roderick Strong, the Creeds wasted little time showing their amateur wrestling background, and how talented they were.

Roughly six months after they debuted, Julius and Brutus won the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They defeated MSK in the finals in an all-time classic tag team match. They wasted little time adding to their accomplishments, as four months later they would defeat Pretty Deadly in June of 2022 to become the NXT Tag Team Champions.

Unfortunately, just two months later they would drop the titles back to Pretty Deadly at NXT Worlds Collide. The rivalry between the Creeds and Pretty Deadly put both tag teams on the map in the WWE. Both teams came out of it stronger than ever, and both futures are beyond bright.

The Creed Brothers are the future of the WWE Tag Team Division

More recently on NXT television, The Creeds finished up a program with the Dyad, formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans. This would mark the final program ever for the Dyad on NXT as they have both left the company. However, The Creeds came out on top, as per usual.

The talent that both Julius and Brutus possess is truly amazing. Drawbacks to American Alpha, and Team Angle, The Creeds use their amateur wrestling prowess to dismantle anyone that is in front of them, and it truly is a thing of beauty.

On top of their talent which is showcased very well on NXT, The Creed Brothers have shown that they had little problem getting over with the NXT fans. Granted, NXT fans and main roster fans are different, but The Creeds have the look and talent to get over with ease on the main roster.

In a tag division that lacks a little bit on the main roster, The Creeds could be a team that WWE could build around for years to come. Whether they go up against The Viking Raiders, The Street Profits, or Pretty Deadly again, The Creeds are a babyface tag team that you can build around for years, upon years, to come.

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