Looking At How Ash By Elegance Is A Great Fresh Start For Dana Brooke In TNA Wrestling

On Saturday, January 13th, TNA Wrestling held its annual show, Hard To Kill. The show featured a lot of great moments and matches, including the debut of Ash by Elegance. Ash by Elegance was formerly known as Dana Brooke during her time in the WWE.

This was meant with mixed reviews by a lot of fans on social media. Some were in favor, and others were very quick to judge. However, one thing we know for sure is Ash by Elegance’s debut in TNA Wrestling could be a great fresh start for the wrestler formerly known as Dana Brooke.

Ash by Elegance could be a great fresh start for Dana Brooke in TNA Wrestling

At Hard To Kill, Trinity put her TNA Knockouts Championship on the line against Jordynne Grace. The two women put on a hell of a match in what was more than likely Trinity’s final match in TNA. However, the bigger story coming out of Hard To Kill was the woman who was shown on camera watching the match at ringside, Ash by Elegance.

In a subtle debut for TNA, Ash by Elegance already made her presence felt all over social media. During her time in WWE, nobody could argue Ash by Elegance’s skill. She was as tough as they come, and she could back up all of her talking in the ring. However, she was never given a real chance.

From her first appearance on camera for TNA, Ash by Elegance is already seemingly being booked like a star and a big deal. This is truly the treatment that she deserves, and she very well could be a major player in TNA Wrestling for years to come in the Knockouts Division.

TNA possesses one of the most deep women’s divisions in all of wrestling. Adding Ash by Elegance just makes it even deeper. In her minute or so on camera, she already feels like a big deal, and this could be just the fresh start that she needs to reinvent herself and show the world how good she truly is.

Who knows? Maybe before all is said and done, Ash by Elegance could find herself reaching the top of the mountain in the TNA Knockout’s division, culminating in her finally being able to wear gold around her waist. One thing we know for sure is TNA Wrestling is back and heating up!

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